Within Heckling Distance: Big Time Rush vs. One Direction and the Great Bumble Beef with KJ Doyle

The guys are joined by KJ Doyle of Guy Boston Sports! They start of with Liam’s undying hatred for Bumble and discuss their various dating app bios. This then transitions into a discussion of Big Time Rush vs. One Direction. Lastly, they all name athletes they believe they could beat in a fight, and bring up the Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson beef. Let us know what you think, and as always, thanks for listening to Within Heckling Distance! Recorded live on the @lockerroomapp!

KJ’s Twitter: @bykjdoyle

Banner Town, USA Twitter: @BannerTownUSA

Sam’s Twitter: @BannerTownSam

Liam’s Twitter: @liamDscl / @BannerTownLiam

Danny’s Twitter: @dannyhanz12

Jack’s Twitter: @BannerTownJack


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