Ev Singleton

Evan is from just north of Boston, Massachusetts. He founded Guy Boston Sports in 2016. He hosts Ev Singleton: UNLEASHED on the Guy Boston Podcast/Radio Network, the most LEGIT Celtics podcast in the game. ​Follow Evan on Twitter @EvGuyBoston

This Celtics Bench, Huh? (UNLEASHED Ep. 78)

This episode is ALL about the bench! Shoutout for these awesome listener voicemails! Go Celtics!

Let’s Shake Off The Rust… (UNLEASHED Ep. 77)

On this episode of UNLEASHED, Ev discusses the positives to pull from the Celts’ first seeding game. Even with the loss, there were a few things to view in a positive light. He also digs into why he disagrees with Brad Stevens’ choice of sitting out the starters in that last exhibition game, especially Tatum. Is Jayson Tatum in trouble? Does he have time to shake off the rust? Lastly, Ev shouts out three unsung heroes of this Celtics team

How Did The Celtics Look In Their Return To Play? (UNLEASHED Ep. 76)

On this episode of UNLEASHED, Ev talks about his biggest takeaways of the Celtics’ return to play.  He gasses up the Celtics new best player, Jaylen Brown and also calls out Jayson Tatum for looking rusty in his comeback.  Ev also gets to a GREAT listener voicemail, shoutout to Joshua!  Follow the podcast on Twitter …

How Did The Celtics Look In Their Return To Play? (UNLEASHED Ep. 76) Read More »

The Celtics’ Return, Gordon Hayward’s Revenge Tour, and Kemba Walker’s Injury (UNLEASHED Ep. 75)

On this episode of UNLEASHED, Ev gears up for the NBA’s return! He discusses Gordon Hayward’s chance to prove a lot of people wrong, as well as whether or not Kemba Walker’s injury could hinder the team’s chances. Also on the show, do we think the Celts will come out rusty? If they do… why would that be? All that and more on episode 75!

People Seem to Forget the Fact That the Celtics Have a Fourth Star

Alright NBA fans, and even you Celtics fans that seem to forget, the Celtics don’t just have a Big Three on the squad… they have a Big Four. All of the buzz is centered around Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker. Which, in reality, is rightfully so. Those are the three best players of the Celtics right now. However, why does the conversation stop there? Why do even us Celtics fans seem to overlook the fact that there is another star on the squad? Another guy that can go for 30+ on any given night. Gordon Hayward is the name people leave out of the conversation far too often.

Remember When: Celtics Fans Booed The Jaylen Brown Selection On Draft Night

With the third pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics took Jaylen Brown, the freshman out of California. Looking back on it, Celtics fans were less than thrilled at the Boston draft party. Owner Wyc Grousbeck even came out of the war room to address the fans after hearing the booing roars of Celtics fans… he was then personally booed as well…

Remember When: Isaiah Thomas Made His Celtics Debut

Isaiah was traded in February of 2015 for Marcus Thornton and a 2016 first-round pick. I remember being so excited to watch him make his Celtics debut just a few days later. He came off the bench and right away had a breakaway bucket. It was right then, I said to myself, “there is something different about this.” You could almost tell. Isaiah finished with 21 points that night and was ejected before the game eventually ended in an overtime loss for the Celtics. Now, I am not condoning getting ejected and losing your cool, but Isaiah showed a fire. He showed passion in those few seconds. Maybe it was just me, but that was a time period in which i felt the Celtics lacked passion altogether and seeing one guy get mad just got me on my feet and in a weird way got me caring about this team again. Again, maybe it was just me but that ejection meant something to me (as weird as that is to say).