Ev Singleton

Evan is from just north of Boston, Massachusetts. He founded Guy Boston Sports in 2016. He hosts Ev Singleton: UNLEASHED on the Guy Boston Podcast/Radio Network, the most LEGIT Celtics podcast in the game. ​Follow Evan on Twitter @EvGuyBoston

Tommy Points Episode 1: The Premiere

On the PREMIERE episode of Tommy Points, Ev, Riley, and Dante dig into a bunch of different Celtics topics. They give some statline predictions for Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and Marcus Smart. They also go over this offseason. Was Gordon Hayward a big loss? Do the additions of Jeff Teague, Tristan Thompson, and Aaron Nesmith put the Celtics in a better position than where they were last year?

Let’s Call It Like It Is… The Celtics Definitely DID NOT Get Worse This Offseason

Alright, so NESN just tweeted out this article that was published this morning. The piece was written by Logan Mullen. Never heard of him. He’s probably never heard of me. But either way, NESN just left him out to dry. In his article he pretty much defends the point that the Celtics are not a true contender for an NBA title this year because they aren’t better than they were last year. He also digs into how the rest of the Eastern Conference seeming got better. Those two points… whatever. To each his own. Even though I don’t agree with it, saying a team is “not better” does not mean the same thing as saying team “got worse.” Which NESN clearly took that nugget and ran with. Yikes.. My true problem is with that preposterous, triggering (yes, it clearly worked) headline…