Why the Pats’ 45-0 Win Didn’t Prove Anything

I was watching a sports talk show that is based out of Los Angeles today and the headline asked if the Patriots’ 45-0 win proved that Bill Belichick is still the GOAT? It made me laugh.

While the Patriots shutting out Justin Herbert was impressive, let’s remember who the Patriots are and who they were playing.

New England just got back to .500 with their win so Belichick hasn’t exactly led them to the playoffs after they blanked the Los Angeles Chargers. Let me remind you that the Chargers were 3-8 and are now 3-9 after their win.

In other words, the Patriots didn’t go beat the Kansas City Chiefs by 45 at Arrowhead Stadium. They beat a team that is at the very bottom of the AFC West and has lost to the Panthers and Broncos while beating the winless Jets by only six points.

Yes, it was a great win and the entire team looked great but the Patriots are still not making the playoffs and this win shouldn’t make people think any different of Bill Belichick.

(Photo via Kelvin Kuo/AP)

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