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It was a pro-Eagles crowd on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium.

The fans roared their approval every time the Eagles scored a touchdown. When Giants tight end Daniel Bellinger got jacked up by Marcus Epps, which had him out for the second half of the game, the Eagles fans let their voices be heard. Sensational Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts heard MVP chants in the second half. “Fly Eagles Fly” was heard loud and clear when the game was over.

That told you the story about the Giants’ 48-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. For Giants fans to now show up in what was the Giants biggest home game in quite some time, this spoke volumes about how they really feel about their team’s playoff chances. They don’t really believe in their team.

Recently, the Giants have been trending downward. They are 1-4-1 for their last six games. Their offense has been abysmal, and their defense has been horrific. The coaching leaves a lot to be desired, too.

Sunday highlighted all of this team’s shortcomings. Hurts completed 21-of-31 for 217 yards with two touchdowns to show for it. The Eagles scored three touchdowns on their first three drives of the game. The offense couldn’t muster a response. The scoreboard said it all.

Sooner or later, we had to know the Giants shortcomings would catch up with them. It came to a head against the Eagles. Quite frankly, they have not been the same since they took a 31-18 loss to the Detroit Lions on Nov. 20. Not only did that defeat set the tone for this team going downhill, but it could also cost them a playoff spot.

Right now, it’s hard to believe the Giants are in the playoffs. Yes, the math and standings tell you they would be, and they are right there. But your eyes should tell you that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The Giants may have a hard time getting to the finish line. Their offense is what it is. They have no playmakers that can make a difference in the game. When watching the Giants and Eagles offenses, it’s like comparing a Yugo to a Maserati. In other words, there’s no comparison. In the Eagles opening drive, Hurts threw to seven different players in a 14-play, 84-yard touchdown. This was a reflection of how soft the defense was. They don’t have a secondary that can cover wide receivers from making a play, and they can’t stop the run. Their offensive line continues to get manhandled.

This has gone on for weeks. It should make one wonder how it will change from now until the final game of the season. This is what the Giants are. They don’t have the personnel on offense and defense to be difference-makers. They don’t have the toughness of a football team. They certainly don’t have a quarterback who can elevate a team, as Daniel Jones demonstrated once again with an 18-of-27 for 169 yards and one touchdown performance.

This recent loss serves as a reflection of what the Giants are as a team. It also showed how bad ex-Giants general manager Dave Gettleman was at his job that his successor Joe Schoen has to clean up. This roster has nothing that can help this team win.

The Giants were due for a butt-kicking this season, and it came against the Eagles. They were also due to be exposed for what they are, and that has happened in the last few weeks.

Go ahead and say it’s a process of building a team where ups and downs are going to happen if it makes you feel better. But the reality is this is a team that could miss the playoffs for the sixth straight season. That’s unacceptable for a once-proud franchise, and that’s intolerable in a league where parity gives a team a chance to succeed.

This is a team that needs to find a way to get 10 wins to make the playoffs. It’s hard to think this will happen from what the Giants have shown lately.

Reality has hit hard for this team. The players, coaches and Giants fans know it, too.

Daboll has done so much to maximize the most of a limited team all season. It’s a testament to him and his coaching staff that they got the Giants in a position to make the playoffs.

They need to find a way to squeeze three more wins out of this roster. It’s not going to be easy. The Giants play the Washington Commanders on the road this coming Sunday and face the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Eve. They should beat the awful Indianapolis Colts on New Year’s Day.

It could be that the Giants’ playoff hopes hinge on the final game of the season against the Eagles at Philadelphia.

After the Eagles run up the score with their head coach Nick Sirianni smirking when the Giants score a late garbage touchdown, don’t bet on the Eagles helping the Giants out by resting their starters.

They would be more than happy to end the Giants playoff hopes.

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