Carlos Correa To Boston? Don’t Count On It

What an interesting offseason it’s been for the Red Sox. It started off slow, with virtually no moves being made. Then the team made a couple of nice signings with closer Kenley Jansen and outfielder Masataka Yoshida.

Then the whole thing came crumbling down when Xander Bogaerts made the move to San Diego. Now Boston is left in a state of flux. The moves for Jansen and Yoshida indicate the team wants to return to relevancy in 2023.

Letting Bogaerts walk tells a different story though. The thing is, the shortstop position isn’t necessarily a problem for Boston. They were kind of prepared for this. Many state it’s the reason they payed Trevor Story last offseason.

You could just move Story to SS, his natural position. That however would create a hole at second base. Sure, they could put Kikè Hernández there or Christian Arroyo. Neither of them pack the punch that Bogaerts or Story possess.

The reality is, Boston’s offense is taking a huge hit. Not only is Bogaerts gone, but so too is J.D. Martinez (probably). Boston’s offense took a step back in 2022, and will probably take a larger step back in 2023.

They need to add a big bat to this lineup, and the number of big bats available are dwindling. One name that has been suggested consistently is Carlos Correa.

Correa To The Rescue?

On the surface, Correa seems like a great choice. He plays SS, so Story could remain at 2B. Correa would provide a really solid replacement for Bogaerts. The two time All-Star hit .291 last season in Minnesota, to go along with 22 homeruns.

Correa is an experienced winner, being apart of the Astros during their 2017 championship and the subsequent years of contention there. He’s also a Gold Glove winner, so there’s that too.

His resume speaks for itself. He wouldn’t cost as much as Bogaerts, and could be just the thing Boston needs to stay steady. The move makes too much sense for the Red Sox.

Too bad they won’t do it. Boston’s front office has been truly confusing. They want to contend, but operate as a small market team, afraid to sign anybody to big deals.

Correa is one of the best free agents left, and could really help Boston’s lineup. Would he be expensive? Sure, but he’s worth it. Again, his contract wouldn’t reach the high of Bogaerts’ or Trea Turners’ deals. You could probably get him on a short-term deal too, similar to what the Twins did last year.

Although many have suggested Correa would be a good fit for the Sox, there have been zero rumblings. Not a peep out of the Red Sox camp regarding him. I truly believe they have no interest, which is frustrating.

So don’t hold your breath on Boston signing a star player. Even though guys like Carlos Correa and Carlos Rodón are available, Boston appears to be too sheepish to actually go after them. This offseason could get very ugly, very fast for the Red Sox.

Some would argue it already has.

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