Red Sox Have Lost 4 Straight, Jose Peraza on the Mound… and Gerrit Cole is Next!

At least Red Sox fans get to watch the Boston Bruins in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs because the team is very tough to watch right now. The Red Sox have just finished getting absolutely demolished by the Tampa Bay Rays 17-8, as Tampa swept them in four games. With Thursday’s loss, they drop to 6-13 and are in last place in the AL East.

You’re not the only one that thinks that every time Tampa comes to town they crush the Red Sox. They have scored 8+ runs in their last six games at Fenway Park.

Kyle Hart‘s big league debut was a failure and you hate to see him get totally blown out of the water like that, but Thursday afternoon’s loss to the Rays perfectly portrays the Red Sox season.

No starting pitching and not much offense.

Hart’s debut was short but not sweet, as he went 2+ innings and gave up five earned runs on seven while walking three batters. In the third inning, he gave up back to back home runs to Hunter Renfroe and Brandon Lowe before Ron Roenicke handed the ball to Phillips Valdez who would give up three more runs.

By the end of the sixth inning, Boston had allowed 16 runs and trailed by 11.

Rafael Devers had a troubling day, to say the least. He committed not one but two throwing errors in the same inning and then came up in the bottom half of the 7th and swung at two pitches out of the zone to strikeout. Then he made a third throwing error in the seventh inning.

Jose Peraza got to pitch in the ninth inning of Thursday’s loss and he won’t be the last position player to pitch this year.

And to make matters worse, it’s not like the Red Sox get to play the Blue Jays next. They travel back to the Bronx to face Gerrit Cole on Friday on a bullpen day for the Red Sox. Just a reminder the Red Sox got swept a couple of weeks ago in the first meeting between the two rivals in 2020 and Aaron Judge embarrassed the Red Sox pitching staff by hitting two homers in the series finale on Sunday Night Baseball.

(Photo: AP Sports)

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