Ranking My Favorite Red Sox Hitters of All-Time

Like everyone else, the quarantine has been driving me crazy. I guess the saying you don’t know how much something means to you until it’s gone is as true as it gets. Sports have played a major role in my life ever since I can ever remember, so navigating in a world without them the past few weeks has felt odd. Hopefully with everyone continuing to social distance themselves from one another we will back to normal soon.In the mean time, I have decided to rank my favorite athletes from my favorite sports teams. Today, I am starting with my favorite Red Sox hitters. Now, I want to emphasize this is a list of favorites, not best. So, since I am a 24 year old, you won’t see Yaz or Ted Williams on my list. Even Nomar was really before my time. I remember bits and pieces of the end of his Sox career, but not enough to justify putting him in a top-4 list. There are tons and tons of guys you can choose from so comment on what your top-5 would be!

Let’s get started.


MookieBetts: Markus is one of those guys that you watch play and you find yourself just smiling. the way he tracks balls in the outfield so smoothly is so enjoyable. He is also one of the best hitters in Baseball. He is so good at every aspect of the game and he just does his job well every single time he steps on a diamond. Seeing him in Dodger blue is going to sting.

Kevin Millar: COWBOY UP. I absolutely love Millar. He was a star during the ‘04 run. Whenever I watch his pregame interview before Game 4 of the ’04 ALCS I have a huge smile on my face. “Why not us?” will be tattooed in my brain for the rest of time. He just seems like such a good, fun dude. Millar always looks like he is having fun and laughing, just enjoying life. He is just a super easy guy to root for and i always crack a smile when i see him on MLBN.

Jason Varitek: The Captain. I always loved Varitek’s game. Seems like pitchers trusted him and he called a great game. Nobody will ever forget the A-Rod brawl where all hell broke loose. It is super cool that in 2020 he still plays a major role in the sox organization.

The Top 4

4. Kevin Youkilis: YOUUUUUK! The Greek God of Walks. Youkilus was a microcosm or What Boston is. Tough. Gritty. Hard working. His approach at the plate was excellent. Watching an AB of his was like watching an artist draw a sketch. I also always thought of his as a plus plus fielder at two positions and I’ll never forget him charging Rick Porcello at Fenway.

3. Dustin Pedroia: Pedey is another guy who played with such heart and fierceness whenever he put a jersey on. He didn’t takes plays off and would let people know about it if he was upset. Laser Show was just so good at the dish and had a tremendous glove at 2B. Pedroia was also front and center of two World Series Titles. I hope his playing days aren’t done yet and we can see him back on the diamond.

2. Manny Ramirez: Growing up in New York, I would always have arguments with my friends that were Yankees fans about Manny. I said for a long time he honestly may have been the best RH hitter I ever watched and they would look at me like I just insulted everything they ever cared about but Manny was out of this planet at the plate. career .312 hitter, OPS .996, great vision and hand speed. he was an absolute beast and the phenomenon of Manny being Manny was always enjoyable. With RISP and needing a big hit, Manny would be right at the top of my list of guys who would come through.

1. Big Papi: Clear cut. No doubt about this one. David Ortiz was my childhood and he was my hero throughout my teenage years. The most clutch athlete we have ever seen and I will not listen to a debate. It felt like every single time the Sox needed a spark, David Ortiz would come into the box, dig his cleats into the dirt and rip the opponents heart out of their body. His postseasons will be talked among Red Sox fans for hundreds of years. He is a legend in every sense of the word. I LOVE that man.

Comment with your Top 4 Lists. Up Next: Red Sox Pitchers.

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