ESPN Highlights Jarrett Stidham’s Tumultuous College Football Journey

Jarrett Stidham
’s college football journey was one muddled with injury, controversy and instability. For most talented, young quarterbacks, their path is easy. Attend an elite program with a good coach, stay for three years, get comfortable in your system, build chemistry with your teammates and enter the NFL Draft after three years. For Stidham, it wasn’t quite that simple.With all that Stidham went through in college from breaking his ankle, to transferring to Auburn and having to learn a new offense, it’s no wonder his stock fell as far as it did. Stidham was once considered a first round prospect and future franchise quarterback, but after a tumultuous college career through no fault of his own, he had to settle for being a fourth round pick.

ESPN’s feature on Stidham from 2017 does an excellent job detailing what he went through as a collegiate athlete.

Photo: (Mark Humphrey – AP Photo)

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