Patriots Wish List After Week 1 of the 2023 Season

If I’m being completely honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the Patriots in their attempt to dethrone the NFC Champion Eagles this past Sunday. The way the game started, I figured we were in for an opening day shutout – something we haven’t seen as a Patriots fan since the infamous Lawyer Milloy revenge game a mere 20 years ago (we all know how that season turned out in the end.)

But how many more seasons are we going to be happy with “moral victories?” Since Tom Brady departed, I can count numerous games where we should have won, but didn’t have enough of that fourth quarter pizzazz. And, I know, come December we’ll be looking back at this game thinking if we had only won, we’d be closer to a playoff spot.

Now, with 16 games remaining, there’s a few things I’m hoping we as fans will see that will not only give us hope for this current year, but for many years to come. 

Mac Jones Throws for Over 4000 Yards and 30 Touchdowns

I know – stats are for losers. And, while Mac isn’t on my fantasy football team, we do live in an era of the NFL where to be successful, passing matters. Number 10 had a solid throwing day and is on pace for 5,372 yards and 51 touchdowns. I don’t expect him to break records or even come anywhere near those statistics, but it’s year three in the league. A stat line of at least 4000 yards and 30 touchdowns should be attainable. Barring injury or wind advisories for at least half of the games, Mac should hopefully hit these marks and finish as a top-10 quarterback for the season.

Play the Rookies!

The draft classes have been hit or miss for years now, and if we’re going to keep playing the game of moving back in the draft, trading up in late rounds to take a “reach” prospect, we have to play them. I’m over the Foxboro Flu, redshirt years of these players. Sunday showed some highlights from our top picks – Gonzo, Douglas and White – and our new punter and kicker seem to be suitable NFL players. Though I do find myself holding my breath each time I don’t see ol’reliable Nick Folk back there. 

And, I know everyone is going to pounce on Boutte for thinking he’s still in college and not getting that second foot down, but I’ll give him at least a month to get going. I’d rather showcase our rookies then wait to see what we actually have. I mean, look how long we’ve been playing the Shaun Wade inactive game. Sure, we didn’t draft him, but what’s the point in keeping someone for multiple years to have them just play a handful of games? If he stinks, let’s part ways now and make room for someone else. Malik Cunningham anyone?

Sneak into the Playoffs and Win a Game

Wishful thinking. But anything can happen on a given Sunday, so I’ll remain hopeful. If we are able to sneak in and make it to the Divisional Round, it would lead to a lot of hype going into the 2024 season. Plus, with almost 100 million in cap space, we’ll be primed to make it back to the top of the AFC.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure a lot of you reading this will feel the same, yet some may think I’m out of my mind, and I respect that. I am a homer and sometimes find myself blinded by the 6 championships we’ve been blessed with over the last 22 years. But I remain hopeful for the season and believe some of these wishes will become a reality before the final game of the season.

No matter what, I’ll be watching the Pats on Sunday, Monday or Thursday this season. I won’t miss a snap, a throw, a slamming of the challenge flag by Bill, because, in the words of the GOAT, “I’m a Patriot for life.”

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