Patriots Lose to the Dolphins 24-17, Fall to 0-2 on the Season.

As Mary Steenburgen once said in the movie Step Brothers, “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK.” Excuse my French also. You’ll be hearing a lot of that in today’s blog.

I just, I don’t know. I’m speechless. This is more so going to be a rant/venting blog. So hope you don’t mind.

For starters, offense… come on. Back to back weeks you get the ball at midfield, under two minutes, to go win or tie the game, and you fall just inches short. You just can’t make this up.

The slow starts too, those needs to stop. Week one, you are behind 16-0, and then last night, you are behind 17-3. Why make things easy when you can make them harder, right?

To go along with the offense, Bill, what the fuck are you doing man? Benching Douglas for what? Because he fumbled? To be honest with you, sure it was a fumble, but I think it was an even better play by Chubb who tracked Douglas down to knock the ball out.

Douglas had no idea Chubb was near him. Then you bench him on offense but tell him to go catch punt returns? Like he won’t fumble on a punt return? Come on, Bill. This old school bullshit needs to go.

If a player fumbled, maybe take them out for a drive or two but not the entire game. That’s how you kill a kid’s confidence. But don’t worry, you made him walk around the sideline with a ball in his hand, that fixed it! Thank God!!

Now for the defense, I have some worries about them but not as much. The defense did a good job on containing Hill and Waddle, but my God, I didn’t know Miami had the second coming of Emmitt Smith in Raheem Mostert.

Mostert made it look easy last night, and that’s what’s frustrating. I’m sorry, Tua didn’t look that good last night. Any QB can be good if you give them two of the fastest wide receivers in football. Even more so when you just do little 5 yard curls while the defense is playing prevent and is 10 yards off you, yeah, sure.

This is going to be the fun part! The offensive line! Oh how bad they looked!! For starters, Calvin Anderson I’m sorry, I don’t think you could block the Pee Wee kids I coach. I really don’t.

Mac barely has any time to even blink before he is getting pressured. The offensive line looked AWFUL last night. Which is very weird because they looked decent against Philadelphia. The Eagles have a much better pass rush than Miami does, especially with Jaelan Phillips being out for Miami. The Pats need to figure the line out quickly, or boy, is it going to be a long season.

It’s only week 2 and it’s been a long season.

The Patriots have the Jets and Cowboys both on the road the next two weeks. The Patriots already struggling offensive line gets to go up against Quinnen Williams one week and Micah Parsons the following week. Surely nothing will go wrong and everything will be okay. Right? I don’t know.

On the bright side, Mac hasn’t looked terrible. He made some really nice throws last night while being pressured on almost every single throw. The Pats just need more. We were saying it all offseason they need more.

Juju is not healthy. I don’t care what he says he is not healthy. Did anyone else notice how he can’t make cuts? Or when he gets up he’s always adjusting his knee? That doesn’t seem weird to anyone else? Just me? Okay!

The Patriots have brought me down to rock bottom with them. I guess once you hit rock bottom you have no where to go but up..right?

Like always, Go Pats.

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