NFL Week 2 Gambling Picks

(Insert Fox NFL Sunday music here) Football, oh football, how will you make us rich today? We’ve got picks galore ladies and gents, this is the Sunday we murder the bookies! I’m talking ruthless, we don’t leave them a dime, let’s ride!

Falcons vs. Cowboys

This game is a gamblers dream, we’re gonna have so many points in this one it’s gonna be insane. I’ve got no clue who’s gonna win this one but I’ll tell you this, pound the over at 54. Also, take a look at what prop bets are available in this game, because this game will be great for the props.

Chiefs vs. Chargers

We have the best team in the league playing a trash bag. Easy money, take Chiefs ML and spread at -9. Normally I would say take the over in a KC game but the Chargers suck just a bit too much.

Bills vs. Dolphins

The Bills are terrifying this year, they have a legit offense now to pair with their elite defense. On the other side, as long as Miami is playing Fitzpatrick over Tua I’m staying away from them. Give me the Bills spread -6, I love this pick so much!

Panthers vs. Buccaneers

Tom Brady is pissed off and that should terrify the rest of the NFL. Every year he’s lost opening day he’s gone to the Super Bowl that same year. I can’t for sure tell you if he’s going to the SB again, but I’ll guarantee that he’s gonna cover that spread today against Carolina at -9. This is my lock of the day, ride it!

49ers vs. Jets

Pretty simple here, the 49ers are a much better team, the more time goes on the more Sam Darnold looks like a bust. I know San Fran is missing Kittle and Sherman, but it’s not gonna matter, this games gonna be ugly. I’m taking the 49ers spread -7.

Lions vs. Packers

Aaron Rodgers is on a F you tour against his own team, there was clearly a match lit under him in week one and it isn’t gonna stop for the Lions. This one is gonna get ugly quick, pound the packers spread -6.

Washington vs. Arizona

The Cardinals looked legit week one and Washington shocked the world and my wallet by taking down the Eagles. There is no shot the Cardinals are gonna choke that badly and Washington is gonna struggle to replicate that defensive performance against this team. We’re riding the Cardinals spread -7.

Let’s go to work! We’ve got all the winners right at our fingertips… don’t let this moment slip through the cracks, because your wallet will thank you! We’re talking dollar dollar bills y’all!

(AP Photo/Brett Duke)

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