Where to Point Fingers After Flood of Week 2 Injuries in the NFL

What do QB Drew Lock, DE Nick Bosa and RB Saquon Barkley all have in common? They were all injured during Week 2 of the 2020 season.

Fans were excited to welcome football back this year but the lack of a proper preseason is quickly catching up to players.

WR Michael Thomas suffered a high ankle injury during Week 1. Things were kicked off in Week 2 with TE C.J. Uzomah tearing his achillies in the fourth quarter during the Thursday night matchup.

What followed was a raft of injuries in the 1:00 PM ET window unlike anything the league has ever seen.

Injuries are part of football but this year is an abnormality. Even though it’s still early, the injury reports will continue to grow throughout the season. The hopes of healthy players never stood a chance in a season where athletes were unable to properly prepare.

COVID-19 has halted the sports world and has finally reached the football realm. The NFL decided to slash preseason games among the ongoing pandemic in an attempt to be one step ahead of the virus. The league was inherently focused on preventing the spread of the coronavirus, but were not prepared for the loss of many star players early on.

Some fans speculate that improper training techniques or adjustment to turf fields, in the case of MetLife Stadium and the numerous injuries between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, are to blame. Fluke incidents are bound to happen, but an uptick of injuries in the same time span is irregular.

The MLB saw an increase in injuries due to the shortened spring training and rush into regular season. Football has closely mimicked baseball’s approach to starting the season. Players will continue to crowd the injured lists as this season rages on. The NFL’s rush to start the season may be its biggest regret this year.

Photo: (Bill Kostroun/AP Photo)

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