Celtics Could Keep Jaylen Brown Out “For An Extended Period Of Time” If Knee Issues Persist

The Celtics already have one star player dealing with major knee issues in Kemba Walker, and now, another one of their best players is on the injury report with knee-related problems. Jaylen Brown has missed the last two games with left knee soreness and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens didn’t provide much clarity when asked about Brown’s condition last week.

“Hopefully it’s not something long term,” Stevens noted after explaining that Brown’s knee soreness is assumed to be something that has been built up over the course of the first quarter of the NBA season. Stevens added that if Brown’s knee soreness were to linger, the Celtics would consider sitting him down “for an extended period of time” to avoid having to pull him in and out of the lineup. Stevens went on to say Brown does not have any medical tests scheduled to examine his knee and is currently considered day-to-day.

While Boston may be hopeful that Brown’s injury won’t be a long-term issue, Stevens offered little in terms of assurance. Brown’s injury seemingly popped up out of nowhere, interrupting a career season. Even Stevens himself noted that there wasn’t a singular play in which the injury occurred and speculated that the soreness might have something to do with the fact that Brown hadn’t missed a single game this season until this past week.

Brown’s last two games prior to this recent stint on the injury report were two of his worst of the season. Brad Stevens revealed that Brown was hampered in at least the Kings game by his knee, stating that he was unable to elevate on a layup the way he normally would. His shooting percentages against the Kings and Warriors were his 2nd and 3rd worst in any game this season, respectively, and his 18 points against Golden State were a season-low.

Brown is averaging 26.4 points per game this season and is making a serious case to make the NBA All-Star team. Boston will hope this will be nothing more than a minor setback as Brown continues his rise to stardom. The Celtics are already managing the knee issues of star point guard Kemba Walker, who hasn’t been able to return to All-Star form after returning to action on January 17th following the completion of a knee strengthening program. Hopefully, Brown can avoid the same fate.

Photo: (Michael Dwyer – AP Photo)

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