Danny Ainge Is Up To Something

Image credits: Darren McCollester | Getty Images

Every Celtics fan knows that Danny Ainge loves scheming. Dating all the way back to the fleecing of the Brooklyn Nets Ainge has loved wheeling and dealing, but always likes to make sure he’s on the better end of the deal. This constant need to get the better assets out of the deal leads to a lot of complaints from Celtics fans who claim that Ainge “never makes a move.” In reality, it’s not that Ainge never makes a move, but that he refuses to make a move where he knows he’s getting the worse end. Regardless, the latest news in the world of the Celtics should give fans something to be excited about.

In Kevin O’Connor’s latest power rankings, he talked about each team and where they’re at in the current season. When discussing Boston, the former Celtics reporter gave a quote that caught the eye of the entire league. According to O’Connor…

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