Yankees Co-Owner Hank Steinbrenner Dies At 63

New York Yankees General Partner and Co- Chairperson Henry G. “Hank” Steinbrenner passed away at 63 years old early Tuesday morning at his home in Clearwater, Florida due to a long battle with an illness. His death was not related to the novel coronavirus.

Hank was a co-owner of the New York Yankees and the eldest son of the late George Steinbrenner. He also was a general partner and shared responsibilities with his brother Hal on overseeing and directing the strategies of the Yankees on and off the field. Hank served on the board of the YES Network, which broadcasts every Yankee game, and even sponsored a summer youth baseball program called “Hank’s Yanks,” which sent a lot of players through college and professional baseball.

Hank was the more outspoken Steinbrenner child and seemed like the more fit successor to his father. Hank and his brother Hal were named co-chairmen of the Yankees in 2007, but later on Hank stepped back and let his younger brother Hal become the face of the family’s ownership. Hal is now the Yankees’ managing general partner and has the final authority on the team’s decision.

​The New York Yankees released a statement on Twitter regarding Hank’s passing. 


The New York Yankees’ full statement on the passing of Hank Steinbrenner can be found on their website.

Hank is survived by his four children—daughters Jacqueline and Julia, and his sons George Michael IV and John—one granddaughter, Anabel, and his siblings, Jennifer, Jessica and Hal, and their families, according to the Yankees.

Photo: (Chris Pedota-USA Today)

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