Why Red Sox Fans Shouldn’t Blame Dodgers Signing Mookie Betts on Ownership

Well…the day before the season begins with Yankees vs Nationals and then the Giants going down to Los Angeles there is huge news out of Dodger Stadium and isn’t surprising.

The Red Sox traded Mookie Betts before the season because they wanted to lower payroll and they weren’t going to sign Betts to a long term deal. They offered him $300 million and he wanted way more than that, so Chaim Bloom traded him along with David Price so the team could get something back for him.

Bloom did his job by putting the organization in the best position to win for a long period of time, and so he turned one year of Betts and now two years of Price into five years of Alex Verdugo (their starting RF), and six years of Jeter Downs (future starting 2B), and Connor Wong.

I know that Red Sox fans are going to be upset that Mookie Betts isn’t going to be a Red Sox player again, but don’t blame it on ownership. You shouldn’t blame it on anyone, really.

The Red Sox got a World Series out of Betts and he wanted more money than the Red Sox were offering so he had to make a business decision. Betts got close to the amount of money he wanted in free agency pre-COVID-19 and he doesn’t know what the market is going to be like come November so he took it.

At the end of the day, both the Red Sox and the Dodgers got what they wanted: Boston got the long-term control of three talented players while Los Angeles got Betts for one year so they could be the only team permitted to sign him to a long term deal before 29 other teams were able to bid for him.

Don’t blame it on ownership. They gave him $300 million and he wanted more.

(Photo: Rick Scuteri/USA Today)

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