What More Can You Even Say About Stephen Curry at This Point?

Steph Curry is currently in the midst of a streak of performances the levels of which we’ve never witnessed before.

Where do you even start? After his performance at Philadelphia Monday night, this was all I was thinking.

Catching fire late for 49 points, five assists and three rebounds with another 10 three-pointers all while shooting 50% from the field. Curry became the NBA’s leading scorer at 31.4 PPG, with shooting splits of 49/43/92%. He’s the only player ever to make at least 70 threes over a 10-game stretch. In the month of April, this man is averaging 40.8 points with seven threes at an unbelievable 55/50/91%. Curry is the first player to average over 40 points on 50% shooting over a 10-game span since Wilt Chamberlain in March of 1963. If the 33-year-old keeps this up, he’ll join Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor as the players in history to put up 40 in a month.

Speaking of his age, this past week, Curry joined Bryant as the only player 33 or older with 10 consecutive 30-point contests. He’s also the only player in NBA history to average 30 PPG with an effective field goal percentage of at least 60%. The last time the chef did it was his second MVP season.

Curry has six games this season with 10+ three pointers, giving him 21 for his career. No other player in the history of basketball has more than five.

“Not from a shooting standpoint,” Steve Kerr said in response to a question about whether he’s ever seen a run like this one from Curry. “I’ve seen Kobe Bryant early in his career had a stretch where he went nuts and obviously Michael Jordan had some stretches where he just scored like crazy but like, obviously nobody’s ever shot the ball like this in the history of the game and even by Steph’s own lofty standards, this is above and beyond.”

Photo: Hoop Central/ESPN

Forget about all the noise, comparisons or rankings, we should all be grateful. We shouldn’t take this for granted what we’re witnessing from the person who’s made nothing but an incredible impact on our generation in sports for the last six-plus years

“There is nobody that has impacted the game more than Steph Curry in the last 40 years,” former coach Mark Jackson said.

Tonight, the Golden State Warriors are taking on the Washington Wizards in D.C. Expect Curry to continue to display exactly what he defines. Pure greatness.

“I don’t know what else to say,” Kerr said. “You guys ask me after every game what I think of Steph and his performance and it’s… whatever I said last game just use that, tonight. Because it’s the same thing after every game. It’s just utter amazement at this guys skill-level, heart, mind, focus… it’s just amazing to watch.”

Photo: (Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports)

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