Tough Take Alert: The Patriots Tried To Give Patrick Mahomes COVID

I mean, c’mon now.  I hope this Mark Ortiz guy is on an absolute island and that no one agrees with him.  It is absolutely preposterous to think that the Patriots would purposefully give anyone COVID.  Hate them or not… this is a TOUGH TAKE.

You want to call the Pats cheaters? Fine. You want to hate on them endlessly? Whatever. But to think they’ve now dabbled in undercover biological warfare is just plain stupid.  

The NFL is testing these guys and the minute a test comes back positive, they (and the team) deal with it.  It is not like Gilmore is out there getting personal tests every 5 minutes juuuust in case he might have it. He is following the same precautions and guidelines as everyone else… Obviously no one, including Gilmore, knew that they had it at the time of Monday Night’s game.  If even the equipment manager knew Gilmore had it, odds are he would not have played. Any sign or hint of it, I’m sure, would’ve immediately led to him getting away from the team ASAP.

This isn’t a conniving Bill Belichick-like move.  This is just another example and showing that COVID can strike anywhere at any time, without warning.

Saying the Patriots did this on purpose because they are cheaters…? Now that is a TOUGH TAKE. Be better Mr. Mark Ortiz…

PS: just in case he deletes the tweet, here is a screenshot

Photo: Larry Brown Sports

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