Time to Put an End to the “Jayson Tatum Is Overrated” Take…

Jayson Tatum
 has been hyped up incredibly since he has entered the league. There is no arguing that. Obviously, the majority of that hype coming via Celtics fans, but we all know plenty of the league is already sold on the idea that this kid is going to be a superstar.  So again, there is no denying the hype. However, it’s one thing to acknowledge the hype and another thing to straight up deny the hype.


Jayson Tatum is a 21-year-old averaging over 20 points and 7 rebounds per game on a team in which he isn’t even the first scoring option.  Hell, with a healthy Hayward, Tatum was still putting up numbers while possibly being considered the third scoring option.  Point being, he has already proven he is a legitimate scorer and overall legitimate player that is getting better and better and better and better.

I don’t agree with the “Tatum is so overrated” crowd. Why? Because he really isn’t overrated. In fact, this season alone is showing exactly that. He is now fully capable of doing all of the things that he has been hyped up to do. AKA: Averaging over 20 points, hitting game winners, dropping superstar defenders to the ground and hitting a game-tying three with just seconds left against the best team in the league. 

Like I have mentioned here, Tatum is extremely hyped up. I would never argue that. But where there is smoke, there is fire. In this case, the smoke is Tatum’s hype and the fire would be his now already proven talent. It is as simple as that. Just because the kid is hyped up, doesn’t mean that hype isn’t deserved.  You see Tatum’s name all over social media, I get it, but it is because he is actually making moves out here.

Like you guys have heard me say/write before “they don’t boo you if they don’t know you.” That fact that Celtics haters get so worked up over Tatum proves the insecurity and the envy. Anyone that loves the NBA and watches it closely knows they’d take Tatum on their team in a heartbeat. If you say no to that, you’re delusional. Fact.  Celtics haters jumped at the opportunity when Tatum went 1-18 from the field and scored only a small baby’s handful of points…since then he’s been averaging almost 25 points per game and the aforementioned hater crowd has been put on mute.

I’m sorry, but it is over. It is dragged out. If you hate Tatum or claim he’s incredibly overrated you are wrong. The longer you wait to come around on that one, the more and more wrong you’ll become.  I say get off the “Tatum’ overrated” immediately and cut your losses.

PS: This Celtics team is LEGIT 

Photo: Nathaniel B. Butler

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