Should the Celtics Trade Robert Williams?

Alright, alright… so if you have not seen it yet, Robert Williams just tweeted a pretty cryptic message.

Maybe he is tweeting song lyrics. Maybe he is tweeting about some personal drama. Or MAYBE he is tweeting about recently finding out he was going to be traded away from the Celtics.

So let’s play that game…

Say the Celts have decided to trade the Time Lord, Robert Williams. Is that a good move?

Before I give you my opinion, I will just say obviously the other factors of the deal impact any sort of trade. So in this case I am really putting Robert Williams in a vacuum.

I really don’t think trading Robert Williams would be a good move for the Celtics. I think we just saw him start to bloom this past season. He made so many electric and game-changing plays during the Celtics playoff run. I’m talking plays that changed the momentum of the game. It gave me some serious “just scratching the surface” vibes. Now, he has his shortcomings. No doubt about that. However, I have just started to see and realize that the potenital (and reward) may outweigh the risk of keeping him.

He has not really been healthy throughout his entire career so far. That is a fair critism. But when someone says the Celtics desperately need an athletic and rim-protecting big… I feel like they forget Robert Williams is on the roster. He could easily be that guy. In a few situations he has proven to be that guy.

Again, the trade details are crucial here. I will admit that. I am not attached to Time Lord at the hip. If a jaw-dropping offer presents itself, you take the offer. No kidding…

I guess the larger point I am getting at here is that I don’t think the Celtics should be actively shopping Robert Williams. I would keep him in your future plans until further notice. Until (and IF) a no-brainer deal presents himself.


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