Reflecting On Tom Brady’s Career In New England

There will never be another Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. in our lifetime or anyone’s lifetime if we are being honest. 20 years ago, Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots and in his words “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.” and boy was he correct. Now, 20 years and 6 Super Bowl rings later, is this fairy tale ride about to end? It just might be…For the first time at 42 years old Tom Brady is about to enter unfamiliar territory with NFL free agency which is both exciting for Tom and an uneasy feeling for him and the entire Patriots fan base. For the young fans out there Tom Brady and winning is all they have ever known and all of that could change in 2020 and its something everyone should mentally prepare for, including Tom.

Now to get to my point. While you’re sitting here most likely fuming over Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins; you should begin to reflect on Toms time here in New England. Yes that loss costs us a BYE week but it doesn’t negate the last twenty years. If the Patriots lose the Titans this Saturday night, (which is a real possibility) we may be witnessing Tom Brady’s last start for the New England Patriots. Yikes, that was tough to say. What would a life without Tom Brady consist of? Would the Patriots fall to mediocrity? Would Bill Belichick retire soon after? Brady leaving would leave us feeling like we are gasping for air as we try to build a time machine to relive these last 20 years one more time. So this week I ask you to thank Tom Brady for everything he has done because most likely a majority of your greatest memories consist of him lifting up that Lombardi trophy.

Here’s to hoping Saturday isn’t the last game of the season for the New England Patriots. Lets get number 7 and see what happens next..

Photo Credit: (Denver Post)

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