Rafael Devers Reportedly Rejects Extension Offer From Red Sox

According to MLB insider Hector Gomez, Red Sox 3B Rafael Devers rejected a contract extension from the team this offseason. It appears the Red Sox and Devers were pretty far apart on a price point, leading Devers to reject the deal.

According to Gomez, Devers will now focus on the 2022 season and further increasing his value on the market. Multiple outlets indicated that Devers does not want to negotiate an extension once the 2022 season is underway. With Opening Day just two days away, it appears as though the two sides will pack it up until next winter.

This news comes out after it was made known that Boston was attempting to extend Devers. We had heard rumors that Boston were in talks with him but it was never made clear if a deal was offered. We now know that such a deal was indeed offered, but was not much to Devers’ liking.

Devers is still two seasons away from unrestricted free agency, so there is still plenty of time for Boston to get a deal done. However, it feels like the longer the team waits, the more expensive Devers will get. That may not bode well for Boston’s chances to re-sign him. Especially if they are already far apart on a deal, his value going up will only further muddy the waters.

This sort of has the feelings of the Mookie Betts situation all over again. That thought assuredly strikes some fear in Sox fans everywhere. Losing Betts was tough enough, to lose Devers too would be heartbreaking. He has developed into one of the best third basemen in all of baseball, and one of the sports bright young stars.

In 2021 Devers had a career year, hitting .279 with 38 homeruns and 113 runs batted in. Last season also marked Devers’ first career All-Star appearance. Still just 25 years of age, Devers is only just getting started. This should absolutely scare the rest of the league. It should also scare Rex Sox owner John Henry’s wallet.

I can understand Boston being a little hesitant to back up the brinks trucks right now. They have their hands full with a number of other major contract situations, primarily those of upcoming free agents Xander Bogaerts and J.D. Martinez.

Although it’s not time to panic on the Devers situation just yet, we aren’t too far away from this becoming a problem. A very big one at that.

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