Patriots Playing The Waiting Game With Hopkins & Cook

It’s been about a month since DeAndre Hopkins came to New England for his free agent visit, and boy has this wait been killing me. I was never one to be patient, but DeAndre Hopkins changed that for me. Who really is to blame so far for this waiting game? Is it Belichick? Is it Hopkins? Well, I’m going to say it’s both.

For Belichick, what are we doing man? Per Mike Reiss, the Titans have now made Hopkins a more “aggressive offer” than the Patriots. Now, who knows what that means, it can mean one of two things. One, the Titans could have simply just been more in contact with Hopkins.

The other possibility is the Titans have upped the money on their offer. If I am Bill and the Patriots, I get on the phone with Hopkins RIGHT NOW and figure this out. This is getting very scary for the Patriots.

Oh, and also, per Jeff Darlington too the Chiefs are “optimistic” about giving Chris Jones a contract extension. If that’s the case and the Chiefs free up money, it’s game over for the Pats. The Patriots had their chance when Hopkins was here.

They should have never let him leave the building and now it looks like they might be out of the running for good.

Now for Hopkins. Is it really about winning, or is it about the money? If it’s about the money, why hasn’t he signed yet? The Patriots have more money to spend right now than the Titans do. Even if the Titans have offered the most money, why hasn’t he signed yet?

As a fan of the Patriots, this whole waiting game is annoying. Hopkins doesn’t want to play for either team. He wants to play for a contender let’s be real. Why do you think he’s waiting this long? Why do you think he hasn’t signed yet? He’s waiting for a team that has an injury during training camp or figures out how to open up more money.

It’s annoying, I know. The Patriots with Hopkins, I believe, can be a top 10 offense. I really believe that. But now let’s just say maybe they are done waiting on Hopkins. Is there someone else they could get? Oh baby, yes, there is.

How about Dalvin Cook. Now yes, I get it, we have Rhamondre Stevenson. Just work with me here. Imagine Stevenson and Cook. That’s it. Just imagine that.

Pretty cool, right? In reality, Cook fits a want more than a need. Hopkins is a need. The Patriots NEED a real, true number one receiver. Cook is a want.

Cook would be the third down back essentially. He could also be a goal line back. As it stands right now, the Patriots running back depth after Stevenson looks like Kevin Harris, Pierre Strong Jr., Ty Montgomery, and J.J. Taylor.

Obviously we are going to have to wait for after training camp to see who makes the roster. As of now, I believe Kevin Harris is going to be the third down back. He’s good and all, but I think most of Pats Nation would much rather have Dalvin Cook.

I also fully believe Cook would play for the Patriots. He turned down a visit to Miami, and he is not willing to sign a contract with them just yet. If the Patriots can’t land Hopkins, man would I love for them to sign Cook.

With just two weeks until training camp, it looks like we will have to continue to play the waiting game. We have waited a month so far, another few weeks can’t hurt, right?

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