NBA, MLB and NCAAF Gambling Picks (9/3)

Alright, so here at Guy Boston Sports we’ve been trying to grow our brand to reach new audiences and with the world of gambling growing at a rapid pace — thanks to it becoming legal in many new states — I’ve decided to take on this task of breaking into the gambling universe. So, what will I be doing?

For starters I’m going to be giving out my daily picks for that days slate game. I’m gonna be straight forward with you, I will let you know which games I’m confident in, which I am hesitant on, and I will be letting you all Know which games I have my money on. Eventually, if this gambling side of Guy Boston Sports grows like I believe it will, I plan on doing more content, such as live streaming during games that I have money riding on, so you all can watch as I die inside, and perhaps a daily live show where I rant about how I blew all my bets from the previous nights and talk about that days upcoming slate of games, but who knows for now we are starting with a daily blog. Anyways, lets get down to it….


Padres @ Angels- Ride the Padres spread at 1.5 all the way, this is my lock of the century… we got Clevinger making his debut with San Diego as the new ace, he brings so much energy and talent to a team that already has a surplus of both those things, plus they are playing one of the worst teams in baseball. As a bonus the Angels are throwing Heaney, who at first glance does not seem too bad, but when you dig deeper you will see that when he faces a strong offense he gets knocked around the park pretty good and the Padres are possibly the scariest lineup in the league. So yeah, as I said, ride this all night long.

Blue Jays @ Red Sox– take the over in this one at 10.5. Taijuan Walker has pitched like a Cy Young winner this year….. compared to the rest of his career, and making his debut tonight for Toronto, I believe he’s gonna come tumbling back down to earth and I know Martin Perez has pitched well this year, he is not gonna throw a CG and that means the Red Sox bullpen is absolutely gonna get an opportunity to blow the over out of the water tonight… again.


Celtics VS. Raptors– I like two picks a lot in this game, the first one being the under. We got two great defensive teams and the Celtics and the under have been as close to a season long lock as you can have. The other pick i have on this the Celtics in the spread at +2.5, they have dominated their way through the playoffs and now the gambling gods are dangling them in front of us as underdogs? That’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up on… pound it!

Nuggets VS. Clippers– The Nuggets are coming into the series on one days rest after a seven game battle with Utah and after watching that game it is safe to assume that Jamal Murray is a bit banged up. Meanwhile, the Clippers are semi well rested and looking to shake off a shakey series against the Mavs. This is why I’m pounding the Clippers spread at -9.5, I’m expecting a massive win that is going to send a message to the rest of the league, hell we might even get an actual productive game from the self proclaimed Playoff P.

My Bets

I’ve got four bets on the books tonight, I am beyond due so I’m riding two parlays along with two straight ups. For the first parlay we are taking Celtics spread, Celtics under, Padres money line, Yankees money line, and White Sox money line. My second parlay, I am riding Celtics under, Clippers spread -8 (the lines changed), and South Alabama football spread at +13. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but a birdy tipped me off on this one so I am riding it, because there is no feeling like riding a tip off.

God please help us all, but more specifically me, I need a positive day on the books like a junkie needs a needle…. feed me some W’s! Lets ride!

Photo: (Mark J. Terrill – AP Photo)

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