Nason’s NFL Picks: Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you’re ready for some good food, bad football and winning gambling picks.


Last Week’s Record: 10 – 4 
Season Record: 113 – 61 – 1

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

The Bears defense gets an easy day on Thanksgiving facing a Lions offense that couldn’t keep up with Dwayne Haskins and the abysmal Washington offense. I’m happy this is the 12:30 game, because everyone will be cooking and eating rather than being forced to watch this snoozer of a game. 

Winner: Bears

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

Dallas looked awful in New England last week but does have the benefit of returning home for the holiday and facing a quarterback in Josh Allen who is young, getting better, but still a bit turnover prone. 

Winner: Cowboys

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

You think the Saints aren’t out for revenge after Atlanta embarrassed them at home? Alvin Kamara is healthy and forming a 2 headed monster with Latavius Murray in the backfield behind Drew Brees. It only seems appropriate that on Thanksgiving Day, more birds will be slaughtered. 

Winner: Saints

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts 

Only Lamar Jackson is averaging more fantasy points then Ryan Tannehill since he took over the starting role in Tennessee. I repeat, only the leading league MVP candidate. Tannehill has been reborn on Mike Vrabel’s squad, and the Titans defense has also shown improvements. The Colts have officially become a good team with a quarterback holding them back. 

Winner: Titans

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens 

If any defense is going to stop Lamar Jackson, it might just be the 49ers, who have looked taken a lead over the Patriots for the title of best defense in the NFL at this point on the season. 
Winner: 49ers 

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals 

As long as Sam Darnold isn’t hung over from his apparently wild night out last week, the Jets should be able to take care of business against the helpless Bengals. If they score 34 points for the 4th week in a row, I will buy a Darnold shirt. 

Winner: Jets 

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers 

Mason Rudolph will be well protected from any malicious head wear on the bench as he sits behind Delvin Hodges. In a battle of a 3rd string QB and Baker and the now somewhat living up to expectations Browns, give me Cleveland to continue their wildcard push in what is likely to be an ugly, chippy match. 

Winner: Browns

Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins 

I want to take the Dolphins here, but with the secondary so banged up, even the Eagles depleted offense should be able to do enough. 

Winner: Eagles 

Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers 

The Redskins won a game with Dwayne Haskins starting. It’s great to see him get that, even though he still didn’t play particularly well. Now they get back to business, losing for a high draft pick. Carolina at home by double digits. 

Winner: Panthers

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants 

New York needs another high draft pick and more time for Daniel Jones to develop before they can get close to competing with the likes of Green Bay, who will be looking to rebound after getting embarrassed by San Francisco last Sunday night. 

Winner: Packers 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars defense has fallen apart, and with the top wide receiver duo in the league coming to town, expect that trend to continue. 

Winner: Buccaneers 

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals 

I have officially given up on the Los Angeles Rams, and I think the Rams have too. 

Winner: Cardinals 

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs 

Just when we thought the Raiders were ready to make a run, they go and get blown out by the Jets of all teams. With injuries at receiver, the Raiders limp into Kansas City to face a rested Chiefs squad coming off a bye. 

Winner: Chiefs 

Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos 

Denver isn’t the worst team in the league by any means, but they don’t know how to win games. Then again, neither do the Chargers, but they have far more weapons. 

Winner: Chargers 

New England Patriots @ Houston Texans 

The Gilmore vs. Hopkins matchup is sure to be fun. My prediction, Hopkins ends up with 4-5 catches for around 50-60 yards, but no touchdowns. New England should hopefully get Sanu and Dorsett back, and N’Keal Harry appears to be slowly earning Tom Brady’s trust, a wonderful thing for New England, as Harry should finally give the Pats a weapon in the endzone. In typical Patriot fashion, expect an ugly, low scoring win. 

Winner: Patriots 

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks 

Tyler Lockett continues to get healthier just as Seattle faces one of the worst groups of cornerbacks in the league. Russell Wilson should have a field day throwing downfield as  the Seahawks pick up a big home win. 

Winner: Seahawks

Photo: (John Hefti – AP Photo)

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