Marcus Jones Just Joined Deion Sanders In This Category

No Patriots player has taken off this season quite like rookie Marcus Jones. The third round pick out of Houston was never thought to have a role this large on the team. He was going to primarily be a special teams player who would provide depth for the cornerback position.

That plan changed once New England realized how special Jones was as an athlete. Flash forward to today, and Jones is being used literally everywhere. He’s become a Swiss army knife for the Patriots, or a jack-of-all-trades if you will.

A Star In The Making

Jones is involved in the offense, defense, and special teams for the Patriots. They use him as a running back, a receiver, a corner, and a returner. It’s truly incredibly seeing all the things he can do.

Need to deliver a big hit? Marcus got you covered.

Need a big return on a punt to save the day? Marcus got you covered. =DIGEEzdjXj7qqw2R3NVdqg&s=19

Need a big play on the offense to get things going? Again, Marcus got you covered.

Naturally, his ability to play all over the field has garnered comparison to Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. Honestly, I don’t hate it.

A League Of Their Own

Normally when you compare a rookie to a legend like Deion, you’d get clowned. Rightfully so too, Deion is the definition of a legend. However, I think the comparison is rather fitting.

I mean, there aren’t many guys who play in all phases of the game. That’s a high school football thing, rarely seen in the NFL. There aren’t a ton of examples, and Deion is clearly THE example.

The comparison is also pretty fitting, considering Jones just joined Deion in a pretty exclusive category. This season, Marcus Jones has a punt/kick return touchdown, a receiving touchdown, and an interception.

Jones is one of two players all-time to accomplish this feat. The other was Primetime himself in 1992.

It’s a pretty obscure stat, I know. It just goes to show how crazy and special Jones’ rookie season has been. He’s doing things that literally only all-time great Deion Sanders has accomplished. It’s insane really.

Jones has become pivotal to the Patriots. Especially on offense, they have at times relied on him to help get things going. He’s the jumpstart the offense at times desperately needs. His speed is off the charts, and he’s become quite a dangerous weapon.

Deion did these things at a high level his entire career. It’ll be interesting to see if Jones can come anywhere close to Primetime when it’s all said and done. As Patriots fans, we should be lucky to have such a talen.

I guess Bill can still find the diamonds in the rough afterall.

Featured Photo by Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

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