Jayson Tatum Opens Up About Life Goals, His Top-5 All-Time and Why He Wears #0 in Impromptu Quarantine Q&A

Jayson Tatum took to Twitter just after midnight on the East Coast for an impromptu fan Q&A. Tatum answered questions about life, his college days, his basketball idols and more. Here are the best moments.A popular gamer from Faze clan, Tass, asked Tatum why he chose to wear number 0 in the NBA. Tatum explained which NBA player inspired him to choose the number after being denied his high school number, 22, both at Duke because of Jay Williams and with the Celtics because of Ed Macauley.

It wasn’t the first time Tatum made reference to Gilbert Arenas being the reason behind his jersey number. Tatum first addressed the Arenas being the inspiration for his choice back in October of 2018:

Tatum was asked about his biggest goal in life and it may surprise some to find out his answer was not related to basketball. Instead, Tatum opted for an answer a little more heartwarming.

Tatum was prompted to give his ranking of the top-5 players in NBA history in no particular order. His list? Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

Tatum also gave some insight into his decision to enter the 2017 NBA Draft and claims to have seriously considered returning to Duke for his sophomore season.

Tatum also made a few jokes in the Q&A when asked about his biggest improvement since his rookie season and while addressing the running gag on Weird Celtics Twitter that he’s still 19 years old.

Tatum ended his Q&A by pleading Taye Diggs, an actor who played the head coach on the TV drama All American, for a cameo on the next season of the show. Tatum said the show was one of his current favorites in a previous answer.

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