Jarrett Stidham Was the Star of a Bleacher Report Featurette in High School – “Meet Jarrett Stidham, the King of Friday Night Lights in Texas”

Jarrett Stidham, the presently presumed starting quarterback for the New England Patriots in 2020, doesn’t come in with as low of a profile as most fourth round picks. Stidham’s journey from Baylor to Auburn in college has been well documented, as has his storied high school career.Back in early 2015, Stidham was the star of the Bleacher Report documentary, “Meet Jarrett Stidham, the King of Friday Night Lights in Texas”. It’s no secret how important high school football is in the south, especially Texas. This past July, Texas ranked as the 2nd best high school football state in the country by High School Football America. Stidham’s high school fame doesn’t stop there. He was also invited to the Elite 11 football camp, widely recognized as the most prestigious quarterback camp in the country.

The documentary highlights what kind of pressure a young Jarrett Stidham was under in his high school days. Fans who support Stidham can take solace in the fact that he’s been playing with the weight of the world on his shoulders since he was a teenager. Replacing Tom Brady is a much taller task than playing football for Stephenville on the surface, but it might not feel that way to Stidham.

Photo: (Bleacher Report)

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