Grant Williams Joins The Dallas Mavericks

The inevitable loss of Grant Williams is finally upon us. After four years with the Celtics, Grant Williams has been dealt in a sign and trade to the Dallas Mavericks for two future seconds and one future second round swap. 

For four years at 53 million, the Celtics just could not match the money without exceeding the new second apron. Whether it was the right decision to stay under and lose Grant is yet to be known, but it seemed to be the reality since the new CBA was agreed upon, and especially when the Celtics added Kristaps Porzingis

Grant, who averaged six points and three rebounds in his four seasons with the Celtics was a great role player, he knocked down threes at a 38% clip for his career, defended 1-5 well, and battled against Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo as well as anybody on the roster. 

Grant offered the Celtics versatility on both sides of the ball which allowed the Celtics to play any style of basketball with him in the lineup. They used him as a four, as the lone big, a spacer, a shooter, and he was a good vocal leader for the team. 

As much as the fanbase liked to rag on him, he was a good Celtic for the short stint he had here, and if it wasn’t for the new CBA, he would still be here.

The loss of Grant will hurt, but Brad Stevens and the Celtics have now collected a boatload of future picks since the Marcus Smart trade and have set themselves up to be a player the rest of this off-season and during the regular season.

Until the roster is set with the returns from both this trade and the Smart trade it’s tough to evaluate the off-season to this point, but it will be interesting to follow along the rest of the way. 

And one last farewell to Grant here with the infamous “Grant Williams Game”

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