Former Beat Writer Stalks Jets GM Joe Douglas’ Son In Troubling Story

There is a horrific story that was talked about on WFAN on Wednesday afternoon about a New York sportswriter doing some very troubling things to Joe Douglas’ family.

WFAN’s Carton and Roberts explained a story during their Wednesday show about the horrifying actions of former New York Daily News writer, Manish Mehta. The story that Craig Carton and Evan Roberts were referring to was from the Twitter account @emesola–which is run by an EA Sports producer named Erika who has numerous friends inside the Jets organization–wrote a thread explaining the story.

First off, here’s some background. Mehta is a former beat writer for the Jets but had been removed from that position. The new writer that replaced him was Charles McDonald. According to Erika, Mehta had his credentials revoked a long time ago but gave McDonald explicit directions through emails about what to ask the players and coaches in interviews. But, when McDonald would write up the story he didn’t get the credit–Mehta did.

How did the New York Daily News sports editor, Kyle Wagner, allow this to happen? I have no idea.

This situation got much worse later, according to Erika’s Twitter thread. She said, “Manish decided to harass Jets GM Joe Douglas’ child at a baseball game.” Carton said on his Wednesday WFAN program that Mehta texted Douglas that he was watching Douglas’ son eating ice cream. In other words, he was stalking him.

Erika said on Twitter she has confirmed Mehta stalking Douglas’ son with four Jets beat writers. It supposedly “isn’t a huge secret within the Jets beat.”

Mehta also stalked Jets owner Christopher Johnson at the NFL Combine and continued to follow into an elevator despite Johnson asking him to stop.

An anonymous Jets beat writer said Mehta “burns anyone who doesn’t help him…He’s unprofessional and it sometimes keeps the rest of us from doing our jobs. It’s telling that no one, including his own paper, has defended him.”

This is a crazy story that is certainly not a good look on the New York Daily News and is so disturbing that Mehta thought this was a good idea.

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