Ev Against The Spread: FREE NBA Picks and Predictions April 14, 2021

Here we go. This NBA season I’ve been keeping track of all of my NBA bets. As of today, after near 500 bets, I am sitting just under 56%. So far, I am slowly but surely winning the war against the spread. So if you join me on this battle, you better get ready to walk around with heavy pockets. Let me know on Twitter (@EvGuyBoston) if you decide to join me as we fight the good fight vs the spread. Let’s ride!

Alright we have 12 games tonight and I have 7 picks for y’all.

Nets @ Sixers

The Line: Sixers -7.5

Over/Under: 226.5

Brooklyn has a chunk of injuries to consider here. They’ll potenitally be without Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin, and /or possibly James Harden. Due to that, I amnot touching the spread here. However, I will be looking a the total. Even if we’re playing it safe, and assume a couple of the above names play, I still like the UNDER here. If they don’t play, than I like it even more. I expect under 220 points to be scored here regardless of actives/inactives.

Pick: U226.5

Cavs @ Hornets

The Line: Hornets -3

Over/Under: 212.5

I might be biased, I don’t know. I just love this Hornets team this season. They seem to always cover for me. There is a boatload of injuries on the Cleveland side of things including questionables like Sexton, Allen, Garland, Nance Jr. So I am getting this one in early. I love this play, mainly because I have started to love the Hornets.

Pick: Hornets -3

Knicks @ Pelicans

The Line: Pelicans -2.5

Over/Under: 219.5

This was a tough one. I started to lean to Knicks +2.5 here, but I’ve decided to stay off of it. Instead I’ll be rolling with the over here. Both of these teams are relatively consistent (L5 games NOP Cons Rating of 16.1 and NYK of 6.9), so I trust we can get a buck-ten out of each of them here. That red hot. lockdown Knicks D has fizzled off a tad and the Pelicans are no strangers to high scoring games. Give me the over.

Pick: O219.5

Magic @ Bulls

The Line: Bulls -9.5

Over/Under: 214

Just off first glance, that 9.5 is a lot of points. Now, it is not enough for me to even trust taking Orlando here. So I am going to stay away from that 9.5 points. I’m leaning towards pulling the trigger on the over. My spreadsheet has the total coming to about 223 points, which more than enough to cover that 214. Against, it’s a strong lean, but hey – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So we are taking the shot

Pick: O214

Pacers @ Rockets

The Line: Rockets +5

Over/Under: 234

Maybe I am the idiot, but this seems like a lock to me. My spreadsheet has the Pacers winning this by 7+ points. Regardless of the injuries on both sides, I like Indiana here. Nothing much more to say. If Turner and McDermott end up playing, I’ll like it even more

Pick: Pacers -5

Wizards @ Kings

The Line: Kings +2

Over/Under: 241.5

This is a game I really like. Washington has won 3 of their last 4 and they are a surpisingly good ATS team when away. On the flip side, Sacramento has drop 7 straight losses and are a far below .500 team ATS at home. When Washington is relatively healthy, we’ve seen them play some damn good basketball. Hoping tha tis the case tonight. I also like the under here. Just a slight lean, but I’m pulling the trigger

Pick: Wizards -2 and U241.5

Alright everybody, let’s ride tonight! Let me know on Twitter if you decide to join me on this battle vs the spread, @EvGuyBoston

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