Coronavirus Shuts Down the NBA… (Morning Cup of Green 3/12/20)

Well COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus to us common folk, has put clamps on the entire NBA until further notice…Now, let me be clear here, this is not a joking matter. I get that. I am not trying to poke fun at a deadly disease. But at the same time, this blog isn’t going to cure the disease, so we don’t need to treat it like it will. We can keep this lighthearted. Thankfully, nobody close to me is sick. Nor am I as right now. But make no mistake, I am affected by this…I am a gambling man and this just put a big ole roadblock between me and a bag of money.

So let’s back it up… Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 and sent the NBA world into an absolute frenzy. I was so in the dark when it came to WHAT was happening just minutes before the tip-off of that Jazz/Thunder game. It was honestly like something out of a movie. The players came out and then were pretty much ordered to go back to the locker room. Just craziness. Then come to find out the details and a short while later we hear that after the games (last night) the NBA season will be suspended until further notice.

My first reaction was: “What the hell…?! I have money riding on whether or not the Celtics win 50+ games!” Is that bad? I am not proud of it, but I am not going to lie either. Should I be more concerned with the global outbreak rather than my individual loss or gain? I mean, yeah. I am concerned but that was in fact my first thought when the news broke. Full transparency.

I had Vegas by the balls. 49.5 wins for the Celts this year? It was a LOCK. I believed in this team. My faith in them was proving out to be correct and then boom.. the Celtics go on a cold streak and THEN this happens and the season is suspended indefinitely…

I hope the season goes on and the Celics finish up strong. That is the best case scenario. I collect my bag and everyone is happy. By everyone, I mean me.  Second best scenario is if the season truly is in jeopardy, I get my wager refunded. No harm, no foul. The WORST case scenario is if the season comes to an end abruptly and the win totals of teams are final… Please don’t let that be the case.

All selfishness aside, I do hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Again, this is a real thing. At first, I doubted it.  Now I have come around to understanding the concerns. You should too. 

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