Celtics’ Stars Shine In 2023 All-Star Game

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game was a great reminder to the league of just how special Boston’s young stars are. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown put on an absolute show before a national audience on Sunday.

Tatum of course is getting most of the attention. For good reason, too. He put on a historic performance. Tatum scored an All-Star record 55 points, leading Team Giannis to a 184-175 victory over Team LeBron.

Jayson Tatum was dangerously efficient, shooting nearly 71% from the floor. He was absolutely lethal from beyond the arc, hitting 10 threes on 56% shooting. Tatum’s historic effort won him MVP honors.

It was an admittedly cool moment seeing Tatum win the “Kobe Bryant Trophy.” Tatum and the late Kobe Bryant had a close relationship. Kobe served as a mentor to a young Tatum. His death had a major impact on the Celtics star.

This All-Star performance is just a continuation of the incredible season Tatum has had. The nearly 25-year-old Tatum is having a career year in Boston. He’s averaging 30.6 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists on 46% shooting.

His insane level of play has garnered considerable recognition across the league. So much so that his name has popped up in many league MVP conversations.

Jaylen Brown Proves Himself

It’s kind of crazy to me that Jaylen Brown still doesn’t get a ton of respect around the league. He’s sort of a forgotten star in a lot of circles. Lost behind the long cast shadow of Jayson Tatum.

So it was a good feeling seeing Brown go off under the bright lights of the All-Star game. Brown finished the night with 35 points on 59% shooting from the floor.

He led Team LeBron in scoring as well as rebounding, with 14 rebounds in the game.

Brown had arguably the best performance of any member on Team LeBron. It’s unfortunate that, once again, Brown’s performance is getting overlooked due to Tatum. It shouldn’t be because Brown had one hell of a night.

This marked the second career All-Star appearance for Brown. Prior to a facial injury, Brown was in the midst of a career year. Brown is averaging a career best 26.5 points a night on a career best 48.7% shooting.

You can’t help but feel bad for Brown. On any other team he’d probably the best player. In Boston, he’s the Robin to Tatum’s Batman. That’s not how they view it, but unfortunately that’s how it is perceived.

Regardless of what the public perception is, you can’t argue Brown isn’t one of the league’s best. He showed that once again last night.

It was exciting to see Brown return to action. This was the first game back for Brown from an elbow to the face injury.

Seeing him don the black mask was equally exciting. There’s just something cool about seeing a player wearing a face mask. Brown definitely rocks it. He continued the trend of playing like a man possessed when wearing it.

Jaylen Brown rocking the black face mask Sunday night

Among The League’s Best

Listen, it’s just the All-Star Game. The event where next to no defense is played. It’s not taken super seriously. So it’s hard to take everything from the game as law.

That doesn’t negate the fact that Boston’s two stars stole the show. As a Celtics fan, it’s hard not to be encouraged by what we saw.

To be fair, it’s not like they haven’t shown potential like this before. However, to see them show out like this on a national stage is just exciting. They are clearly two of the best players the game has to offer.

The highlight of the night though was this awesome moment.

Seeing the two teammates go toe-to-toe with each other was exhilarating. I think it’s safe to say that Boston owned the All-Star game.

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