Analyzing the Real Championship Contenders in the East

The NBA is seriously talking about coming back for the playoffs this summer an isolated Disney World scenario. With that on the way, let’s take a look at the top teams in the East and see what makes them special.


Rajon Rondo Deserves a Jersey Retirement in Boston

With the announcement of Kevin Garnett’s jersey retirement at some point during the 2020-21 season, there has been constant speculation that Ray Allen’s jersey may be retired as well, It’s time to recognize the importance of Rajon Rondo to that Celtics core and give him the same respect that the Big three garnish.

Remember When: Jayson Tatum Dropped 39 Points on the Best Defender in the League

This was THE GAME that propelled Tatum into the bonafide superstar conversation. Sure, he had some huge nights prior to this game. However, when you have a guy like Kawhi Leonard covering you in the fourth quarter and you still find yourself making clutch bucket after clutch bucket, there is no denying you belong in this league. Not only was Tatum dropping in everything he shot, he was absolutely locking up Kawhi Leonard. Tatum was playing both ends superbly in a back-and-forth late-game situation against one of the best players and best teams in the entire league.

Jayson Tatum Joins Group of Players Pushing for an NBA Return as Hope Grows for Season to Resume

Just a few weeks ago, I had essentially accepted the fact that the NBA likely wouldn’t be returning this season. I had heard all of the insane proposals thrown out there as possible ways to finish the season — playing without fans, creating a “bubble” in which all teams stay and play in the same one or two cities, and routinely testing members of all organizations for COVID-19 with those who test positive being subsequently isolated for a 14-day period — and it all sounded basically impossible to pull off in a safe and appropriate manner.