The Wizards Should Trade for Blake Griffin

I can guarantee you one thing: this NBA offseason is sure to be unique. It might not possess the same level of drama that your typical NBA offseason has come to habituate, but it will certainly have some things we’ve never seen before. There’s an air of tentativeness hanging over the NBA offseason. Not only are teams posturing for the much more appealing free agent class of 2021, but many are adjusting on the fly as the cap for the 2020-21 season takes a hit due to the coronavirus. These and other factors may lead to an NBA offseason without much movement, but I do have one crazy idea for the Washington Wizards. They should trade for Blake Griffin.

5 Realistic Targets for the Celtics This Offseason

With the start of NBA free agency still somewhat ambiguous, it’s hard to really get a sense for what it will look like in the era of COVID-19. Will the ongoing pandemic pair with an unappetizing free agent class to result in a less than robust market? Will we see something less than the dramatics we’ve become accustomed to in years past?

Good Thing the Celtics Didn’t Make the Jimmy Butler Trade

If you had any doubts about the player that Jimmy Butler was going into the bubble, those doubts should surely be erased. He took a battered Heat team to the sixth game of the NBA Finals against a buzzsaw of a Lakers team. He became the second player in NBA history, after Lebron James in 2016, to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in the Finals. His performance was commended by many and he certainly left his heart on the court. After failed stints in Minnesota and Philadelphia following his tenure in Chicago, he seems to have found a perfect fit down in South Beach. Recency bias may have some revisionist historians thinking that the Celtics should have made the Jimmy Butler trade back in 2017 but trust me when I say that would not be the answer.

This Was a Great Celtics Season; Fake Fans Need to Stop Whining

Alright, I am just going to get it off my chest… I have seen far too many Celtics fans (since the loss) that are just giving me some serious spoiled brat vibes. The toxicity that has overwhelmed Celtics Twitter as of late is absurd. I get it, the Celtics should have won the Eastern Conference Finals. They were by far and away the better team. Straight up, they dropped the ball and didn’t come to play. They got outworked, outcoached, and out-pretty much everything else’d. That said, it doesn’t mean this team is terrible. It doesn’t mean this was a totally failed season. It doesn’t mean none of the guys on the squad are worth keeping. All it means is that this group of guys came up short of the goal… Just like 29 teams do every single year. Did they have a better chance than most teams? Yes. But at the end of the day, it is only one year in the grand scheme of things.

Jayson Tatum Needs to Step Up In This One “Unacceptable” Area

Call me Captain Obvious but Jayson Tatum needs to step it up in Game 5 because Game 4 was flat out “unacceptable”, according to the man himself. In the Celtics Game 4 loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Tatum went scoreless (yes, zero points) in the first half. They still only …

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Blaming Brad Stevens Is Ignorant

The blame game is a dangerous game. The Celtics have been a huge disappointment this series and for some reason Celtic fans are placing the blame on Brad Stevens. I for one am dumbfounded by these takes, in my mind Brad is the last person we should be blaming.