9/5 Winning Gambling Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF

Dearly beloved…….. Fire no longer fits the description of how hot I truly am! I AM NOW SUPER NOVA HOT! I am Johnny Flame up in this joint! King Kong ain’t got sh*t on me! I told you all, glory holes for glory goals…. I came for the king and I didn’t miss! Now I told you yesterday that if you like free money you better take my picks, but many of you did not want to believe me…. feeling pretty dumb now, eh? Let’s not screw the pooch twice here boys and girls, hop on this wagon and lets all get HOT!

Best Bets in the MLB, NBA and NHL (9/4)

I have gotta get something off my cheat…… I AM ON FIRE! THE SUN HAS NOT EVEN SEEN THESE LEVELS OF HEAT! Last night I went 3-1 putting me in the positive for the week. I was down bad, broken some might even say, but then the gambling gods placed a gift in my lap, the Celtics and Clippers covered the spread and then the magic moment came…. the parlay hit! The first leg hit with the Celtics covering, thanks to Kemba Walkers incredible pass with .5 seconds left, then leg 2 hit with the Clippers covering a -9 spread with ease, and then finally Americas team, South Alabama, dominated Southern Miss. covering a whopping +13 spread! But that’s over and we must move on. Thart being said time to ride again!

NBA, MLB and NCAAF Gambling Picks (9/3)

Alright, so here at Guy Boston Sports we’ve been trying to grow our brand to reach new audiences and with the world of gambling growing at a rapid pace, thanks to it becoming legal in many new states, I’ve decided to take on this task of breaking into the gambling universe. So, what will I be doing?

NBA Picks (August 6th)

Back to back 4-2 days and I still haven’t had a losing record for even a single day since my pick series started, which honestly makes 4-2 feel like a disappointment. My overall record now stands at 27-7. Here are my picks for today’s slate of games. I’m feeling pretty good about these. There’s a lot of close lines, so at least a few of these games should be close, competitive and entertaining.

NBA Picks (August 5th)

It was a weird day in the NBA. The Nets beat the Bucks, the Suns beat the Clippers and the Heat beat the Celtics despite Jimmy Butler being a late scratch from the lineup. Still, I picked all of those games right, so I’m not making any excuses for my 4-2 record yesterday. That brings my record overall to 23-5. Today might be the hardest slate of games to pick I’ve seen yet. There’s a lot of big spreads and a lot of teams in unique situations. I’m not feeling optimistic about today’s picks, but I’ll do my best.

NBA Picks (August 4th)

A 6-0 day on Monday (my second undefeated day since this series started less than a week ago) puts my record at 19-3 ATS. I honestly didn’t expect to be doing this well, but I’ll keep this series going as long as I keep making great picks. Let’s hope for the best today.

NBA Picks (August 2nd)

After going 9-1 in my first picks article, (thanks, TJ Warren…) I decided perhaps it was a good idea to continue the series. Perhaps I have a knack for this. Here are my picks for all six August 2nd NBA games.