Are Red Sox Fans Mad About Chaim Bloom’s Moves at the Trade Deadline?

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and Red Sox fans are just a little frustrated.

In the days leading up to Friday afternoon, the people of Boston were awestruck by rumors that linked the likes of Max Scherzer and Anthony Rizzo to the Red Sox. Unfortunately, they came away with neither. Scherzer went to the Dodgers along with All-Star shortstop Trea Turner. Rizzo, meanwhile, went to the rival Yankees, who also traded for slugger Joey Gallo this week. With so many other stars on the move and multiple contenders around the league taking advantage, Red Sox fans weren’t happy with the lack of star power added to their team and some of the other decisions Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom decided to make.

Boston’s move for Kyle Schwarber is perhaps being a bit overlooked. He is tied for 6th in the league in home runs heading into Friday night. He’ll certainly be a major upgrade at first base if he’s able to play their consistently. However, Boston failed to add a high-end pitching arm to their rotation. That will put even more pressure on Chris Sale to return to elite form once he’s called back up from the minors in the coming weeks. Needless to say, if the Yankees end up catching up to the Red Sox in the AL East standings, fans will point to this deadline as the reason why.

Photo: (Jim Davis – Boston Globe)

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