9/5 Winning Gambling Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF

Dearly beloved… Fire no longer fits the description of how hot I truly am! I AM NOW SUPER NOVA HOT! I am Johnny Flame up in this joint! King Kong ain’t got sh*t on me! I came for the king and I didn’t miss! Now I told you yesterday that if you like free money you better take my picks, but many of you did not want to believe me… feeling pretty dumb now, eh? Let’s not screw the pooch twice here boys and girls, hop on this wagon and lets all get HOT!


Celtics vs. Raptors– We are once again going to be pounding the C’s tonight, they’re coming off of a extremely tough buzzer beater loss in game 3 and I fully expect them to be extremely motivated because of that and also because of Fred Vanvleet’s comment where he said “they f*cked up, they f*cked up now”. This seems to work out well, calling out Boston teams in the playoffs never backfires… just ask the Yankees about their success with it in 2018. Plus, I think the Celtics are the better team and I truthfully don’t see them losing again. Take C’s moneyline, C’s to cover +1, and take this games under at 214.

Nuggets vs. Clippers– Game one I predicted a blow out win and I couldn’t have been more on the nose, but as we prepare for game two I’m feeling a different story. I’m taking the Nuggets spread +9.5, Jamal Murray had a poor game one and that is not going to repeat tonight. I expect him to be firing on all cylinders once again tonight keeping them in it. That being said I’m not taking them to win the game, I’m still riding the Clippers money line because I believe they are too big of a mismatch for Denver, especially with Playoff P actually living up to his name.


Blue Jays vs. Red Sox– pound the over at 10.5 in this game! We have two below average pitchers on the mound and the Red Sox still have the worst bullpen in the league… by a lot. Enough said? Yea, not much to this one, it’s gonna be ugly.

Yankees vs. Orioles– I know i swore off taking the Yankees, but the Yankees money line and spread at -1.5 is too easy and I’m never one to pass up free money. It’s Gerrit Cole against the BALTIMORE ORIOLES, surely they can pull this one out. Even they aren’t that pathetic….. I think.

Arizona vs. San Francisco– I really like D-Backs in this Money line +125, they have Mad Bum coming off the IL to make his first start back against his old team. While looking at it statistically this bet makes little since, but I have a gut feeling on this one and my gut didn’t let me down on the Stars yesterday! Ride these dogs!

Astros vs. Angels– I’m riding the Astros money line +107 with this game, the Astros are the better team and they’re underdogs… that is all.


Flyers vs. Islanders– Another game another NHL game 7, this one figures to be just as wild as the Stars game yesterday. These teams have no defense and great offenses, so the Over at 5 goals is a lock for me! I’m also riding the Flyers as +110 underdogs, we rode the dogs in yesterdays game 7… we are riding them again today, no hesitation!


Army vs. MTSU- The Army -3.5 spread is a lock for me, I’m also taking them money line -175. Army is the far superior team, them only being favored by 3.5 point is banana land… I would have taken them -13.5 no hesitation.

Arkansas St. vs. Memphis– Take Arkansas St. spread at +20.5, they’re not world beaters but it is opening weekend of college football and that means almost every game is competitive. I just don’t see Memphis winning this game by three touch downs.

Now, lets get this day started! Follow me into the gates of Hell and I promise you we will emerge victorious… Not even the Devil can match this level of heat that I’m at! Let’s RIDE!!!!

Photo: (Nick Wass – AP Photo)

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