9/10 Free Money Picks: NFL Opening Day and MLB Slate

Last night was brutal for the brand. We got absolutely hosed by the referees in the Celtics game, the under and Celtics money line were locked in, but then Kemba didn’t get a foul call after being demolished with 2 seconds left and then they gave Toronto a timeout during a clear jump ball, that would’ve given the Celtics another shot. Fortunately, there is no time to dwell anymore, we have to brush it off and get ready to dominate today! Today is the day, we’re gonna dominate this slate, because that’s what we do!


Texans vs. Chiefs– We are so back, it is finally NFL season and it couldn’t come at a better time. The NFL is where we are gonna dominate, we’re gonna take the smart calculated picks and that’s gonna put us back on top! We start in KC and we’re gonna pound a parlay out the gate, we’re taking Chiefs ML, Chiefs spread -10, and the last leg is gonna be the over on the total at 53. We hit this and then we are officially riding this NFL season!


Red Sox vs. Rays- Easy money once again with the Red Sox, pounding Rays ML. The Red Sox are sending a steam pile of manure to the mound and the Rays are a first place team. Enough said? Thought so.

Braves vs. Nationals- The Braves scored 29 runs last night and before you ask, no that’s not a typo. Normally after that kind of game I would expect a down night offensively, but tonight I’m taking the over at 10.5 runs. Both teams are sending essentially spot starters to the mound who are blatantly not good. That paired with the Braves potent offense has me extremely confident in the over tonight.

Orioles vs. Yankees- The New York Yankees finally won an actual baseball game last night in buffalo and now they head back home to face Baltimore. Don’t be fooled this is no easy matchup, the Orioles are only two games out of the playoffs and are much hotter than the Yankees. I’m still taking the Yankees ML and the under in this game at 9 runs, Gerrit Cole should bounce back big time tonight after two rough starts and the Yankees miserable offense should be able to squeak out enough to get by, while not hitting that over.

Royals vs. Indians- We are once again taking the Indians in this matchup, the Indians are sending Civale to the mound who has been spectacular this year, as the Royals send rookie Singer out, who I expect will have a tough time navigating this Indians line up. Indians ML is a must!

Giants vs. Padres- Yep, you guessed it, we’re once again taking the Padres ML and I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t. As long as they continue to rake and play subpar competition, I’m considering them a lock. Tonight they send young stud Paddack to the mound and he shouldn’t have a problem against the Giants, while on the flip side the Giants will send Cahill out. I fully expect the Padres to come out swinging per usual, because that’s what they do! Pound it!

Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks- Dustin May has been the most underrated rookie this season, he’s not putting up flashy numbers but when you actually loom at the stat sheet he’s been quite impressive, plus he’s got more filth than a septic tank. Meanwhile, Mad Bum has been just a plain Bum this year and that’s gonna be tough to get by on against this Dodgers offense. Ride this Dodgers ML for all the marbles, hell if you can I might even through a few bucks on a mookie first at bat HR… but that’s not an actual pick I’m making.

This is the most confident I’ve felt in ages and that should make bookies everywhere petrified. Ride all my picks into the sunset tonight with a trail of Benjamin’s flowing in the wind behind you! It’s chow time!

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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