NFL Picks Week 5 (1pm Games)

We are off to a 1-0 start this week with the Rams -3 pick. I have some more winners for you guys heading into Week 5 of the NFL Season.

New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons (9:30am EST)

Line: Falcons -3, Total: 45

We have ourselves a London game here and I am leaning to Atlanta in this one. That said, I don’t love the number at -3. So i am staying away from that and instead just going with ATL moneyline. Seems that many people love the Jets in this spot, but to me that is crazy. I can’t trust putting my money behind the Jets whatsoever… Especially with them coming off of a huge OT win last week. I just don’t see them doing it 2 weeks in a row, but I also don’t trust the Falcons. I will eat some of the margin and just take ATL outright in this one. Pick: Falcons ML

Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Line: Steelers -1, Total: 39.5

Tough one here. Denver, who some believed to be the real deal, got pummeled last week by the Ravens. Do they come back with some vengeance? Or do they roll over and die? Does Bridgewater Play? Does he not? To me, there is just too many questions on the Denver side of things. I like the Steelers in this spot. This seems like a must-win for them to me, and luckily they are at home. Pick: Steelers -1

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings

Line: Vikings -10, Total 49.5

The smart play here is the Vikings. But that double-digit line has me second guessing myself. The Lions shouldn’t be any sort of a match for Skol Nation. If this were to be anything around -7, I would be all over it. So i am going to be taking the over here. Can each of these teams get me 25+ points? I think so. But if the Lions can’t, I see MIN being able to drop some numbers this week after failing to last week. Pick: Over 49.5

Green Bay Packers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Line: Packers -3, Total 50.5

I really like the Packers in this spot. Now, they are down a couple decent defensive pieces. Still, I am going to be riding with the Packers in this one. Vegas set this one at -3, so it seems like this is a trap game for Green Bay but I am calling Vegas’ bluff. Give me the Packers -3 and the (bonus pick) team total over 26.5 points. Pick: Packers -3 (Bonus: Packers Over 26.5 Points)

Miami Dolphins vs Tampa Bay Bucs

Line: Tampa Bay -10, Total 48

This is a tricky game. As you know, I despise double-digit spreads. I think the Dolphins really match up well here (if they play well). I am going to be relying on those defensive matchups in the secondary to give Tom Brady trouble. However, on the offensive side of things I can’t really image a world in which the Dolphins score a lot of points here. I am going to ride the under in this one. Pick: Under 48

New England Patriots vs Houston Texans

Line Patriots -9, Total 39.5

Patriots. A moral victory last week vs Brady and the Bucs. Now lets open this thing up and CRUSH a Mills-lead Texans team. Pick: Patriots -9

New Orleans Saints vs Washington R… Football Team

Line Saints -2.5, Total 43.5

I mean, these two teams may be the most unpredictable teams in the league. I have absolutely no feel on this game, but if I had to lean one way… it’s Saints -2.5. Pick: Saints -2.5

Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers

Line: Panthers -3, Total: 45

I didn’t believe in the Panthers originally. I really didn’t. However, I am a believer now and only having to cover a field goal at home vs this Eagles team is too good to be true. Let’s hope this is not a trap game… Pick: Panthers -3

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Line: Titans -4.5, Total 48.5

I am absolutely all over the Titans here… the Titans just lost to the Jets… the JETS! They come back strong here vs a Jaguars team that has some off-field issues to say the least. Pick: Titans -4.5


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