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Nason’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: 2 Weeks In

We are two weeks into the NFL season and, from a covid standpoint, so far so good. The best part of having football back for me is now we can start to see what major needs teams should look to address in next year’s draft, and more importantly, what teams will be looking for a new quarterback. Let’s face it, that’s the most fun part of draft season, seeing where the guys labeled as franchise quarterbacks like Trey Lance, Justin Fields, and Touchdown Jesus himself Trevor Lawrence will end up.

9/5 Winning Gambling Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF

Dearly beloved…….. Fire no longer fits the description of how hot I truly am! I AM NOW SUPER NOVA HOT! I am Johnny Flame up in this joint! King Kong ain’t got sh*t on me! I told you all, glory holes for glory goals…. I came for the king and I didn’t miss! Now I told you yesterday that if you like free money you better take my picks, but many of you did not want to believe me…. feeling pretty dumb now, eh? Let’s not screw the pooch twice here boys and girls, hop on this wagon and lets all get HOT!

NBA, MLB and NCAAF Gambling Picks (9/3)

Alright, so here at Guy Boston Sports we’ve been trying to grow our brand to reach new audiences and with the world of gambling growing at a rapid pace, thanks to it becoming legal in many new states, I’ve decided to take on this task of breaking into the gambling universe. So, what will I be doing?

Nason’s Way Too Early 2021 Mock Draft

After taking some time to decompress from the 2020 NFL Draft season, I’m ready to get after 2021! This year’s draft gave us a Heisman winner and national champion taken number one, a franchise changing pass rusher taken second, and a generational defensive back taken third, and all three of them happen to be former Ohio State Buckeyes (the fan in me had to point that out). Next year features some incredibly talented quarterbacks, another strong and deep wide receiver class, and talent all over the offensive and defensive side of the ball. With that being said, here’s my first mock draft of the 2021 cycle!

Nason’s 2020 NFL Draft Grades

The 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone, and for some fans, it was a great 3 days, while for others, it’s left them head scratching and wondering what in the world their teams front office was thinking this week. Here are my grades for each team’s draft haul of 2020.

CFB National Championship Preview: LSU vs. Clemson

It has been a fun and exciting season of College Football. It feels like just yesterday we watched Florida and Miami battle during “Week 0” but on Monday night it will come to a close. Either Joe Burrow and LSU will cap off their improbable fairy tale like run with the most prestigious trophy in CFB or Trevor …

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