An Old Tom Brady Quote Has Thrown Cold Water on Rumors of Him Signing With the Cowboys

Rumors of where Tom Brady will land when NFL free agency opens up in mid-March are only just beginning. The most popular of those rumors, as of late, has been Brady signing with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately for fans of America’s team and the sportscasters who proposed this baseless idea, a press conference answer from the middle of last season would seem to indicate Brady isn’t too fond of the Cowboys and might not be very keen on the idea of suiting up for them.


Before the Patriots played the Cowboys in Week 12 of last season, Brady essentially said that he’s hated the Cowboys since the day he was born:

While this doesn’t necessarily rule out Brady heading to Dallas, it certainly doesn’t look great for the Cowboys chances of landing him. If Brady were to sign with Dallas, this clip would surely make the rounds with fans mocking Brady for looking a bit hypocritical or foolish. Such a scenario is unlikely though. The Brady-Dallas rumor has almost no basis in fact.

There have yet to be any reports coming from the Cowboys organization suggesting they’d have any interest in Brady. The latest report on quarterback Dak Prescott’s negotiations with the Cowboys came on February 7th from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Rapoport said the Cowboys “would like to get something done” with Prescott before the NFL franchise tag deadline on March 10th, but Rapoport alluded to the fact that Prescott’s side may not be as motivated to wrap up negotiations in a timely fashion and would welcome a tag if no deal is reached.

The Cowboys also brought in Mike McCarthy as their head coach this offseason. McCarthy has garnered a reputation as someone who’s more suited to groom young quarterbacks rather than manage veterans at the position. The thought is that the Cowboys brought McCarthy in to work with Prescott, not coach Brady in the final years of his career.

Although it may be a fun idea for some to kick around, Brady to the Cowboys doesn’t make much sense when reading the tea leaves. His comments from earlier this season are noteworthy, but in reality they pale in comparison to the long list of reasons why it seems like these two entities are headed in separate directions. Nevertheless, the clip only casts further doubt on the likelihood of Brady playing football in a Dallas Cowboys uniform next season.

​Photo: (Patriots Twitter)

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