Why the Red Sox Will Have to Overpay to Keep Jackie Bradley Jr.

The free agent market has been slow this winter, as expected, but Scott Boras spoke to reporters today and he (as always) had some things to say about his clients. One of those clients is Jackie Bradley Jr.–the former Red Sox center fielder.

“He’s received a lot of attention. We expect something very grand for him,” Boras said during his Zoom conference on Tuesday. The teams that are interested in Bradley’s services are the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Astros, Phillies, and Cubs among others.

That means Chaim Bloom probably will have to overpay for Bradley Jr. if he wants him in his outfield next season.

Toronto looks like they are going to try to take advantage of the market; the Astros are going to lose George Springer but will have money to spend at least for a one-year deal; Dave Dombrowski wasn’t brought into the Phillies organization not to spend money so he’ll be trying to make Philadelphia a contender in the competitive NL East.

So Bradley Jr. will have plenty of interest and his agent will be trying to drive up the price. Will it get too high for the Red Sox?

(Photo by USA Today Sports)

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