Why The Patriots ARE Contenders

For the last week, all we have heard out of the Boston media and even some national media is about how the Patriots are not contenders. Sure, they are 2-3 coming off a loss to a bad team, but to judge them off that record after everything that has happened is truly the definition of laziness.

If these people actually took the time to look at what has contributed to the record being what it is, they would see that the Patriots have in fact been wronged by many factors. For starters, they were forced to play the defending champions without there star quarterback and it showed how much Cam Newton meant to this team. The offense showed no signs of life and was 100% the difference in the game. The defense for the most part dominated the Chiefs offense, but the numbers don’t represent that because on several occasions the offense gave the best QB in the league incredibly generous starting field position.

The second thing media members are failing to acknowledge is how well the Pats were playing before COVID-19 struck. It doesn’t take much investigation to see that in their second game after no preseason, they were 2 yards away from taking down the Seahawks, who are one of three remaining unbeaten teams. Yes, they did lose this game, but it was widely agreed upon that this was still a statement by the Pats that they were legit. Then, they went on to dominate the Raiders who are currently the lone team to beat the Chiefs.

In spite of all these factors, the media wants to claim that the Patriots are just some run of the mill team that has no shot at a Super Bowl run. Why? Because they lost to the Broncos? Well let me ask you this, what do you expect from a team who didn’t practice for three weeks, especially when said team is known for how detail oriented their game plans are?

If you seriously take that game into consideration when judging this team, you should be a laughing stock in your professional field. The sports media has become so lazy in today’s age and it’s disgusting. All they do is sit around and think of clickbait. The days of well thought out articles backed with sufficient evidence are over. Now all we have is a bunch of Dan Shaughnessy’s roaming the sports world spewing nonsense in their search for eternal misery. People are so desperate for the Patriots to fail. Why can’t we ever just enjoy greatness? Once it gone, we will have nothing to look back on besides the negativity from those who documented it.

Photo: (Jeff Roberson – AP Photo)

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