Why Carmelo Anthony To The Celtics Makes Sense

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most prolific scorers of the modern era. For nearly 20 years, Melo has frustrated defenses and wowed fans with his natural scoring ability. He’s a for sure Hall of Famer, and his name is one that will always garner attention.

So when a player like this becomes linked to a historic franchise like the Boston Celtics, it’s bound to make headlines. Make headlines, it certainly has.

Since newcomer Danillo Gallinari was announced to have torn his ACL, the Melo to Boston rumors have intensified. Gallinari will most likely miss the entirety of the 2022-23 NBA season. If he does come back, it wouldn’t be until around playoff time.

Boston would be wise to replace him. Although not a necessity, Gallinari was brought on to make life easier for the C’s. He’d provide more offense off the bench, and would eat up some minutes for vet Al Horford during the regular season.

If you still want someone who can do that for this team, there is really no one out there better than Melo. Even at age 38, Anthony can still make defenses uncomfortable. The truth is, he’s a brilliant fit in Boston.

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The team obviously could use the bench scoring, made evident by their signing of Gallinari in the first place. Melo averaged 18.4 points a game last season, more than Gallinari’s 17.0 in Atlanta. Melo is also a better three point shooter than Gallinari overall.

Having someone with the scoring regimen of Melo could take pressure off of Brown and Tatum. Giving them the ability to rest and have someone who can take on the scoring load will do wonders. Boston won’t be forced to overuse Brown and Tatum in the regular season.

People can make their jokes about his defense, but really think about it. What team is better suited to mask Melo’s defensive ineptitude? They don’t need him to play defense, just shoot threes and score points.

There seems to be mutual interest between the two sides, so it’ll be interesting to see what unfolds. Whether the Celtics sign him or not, it’s hard to argue that Melo doesn’t make sense for this team.

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