Why Bill Belichick Should Be Licking His Chops Right Now…

Bill Belichick has a track record of bringing in players that are on their own redemption tours and he has another opportunity after Le’Veon Bell was released by the New York Jets.

Bell was one of the best running backs in the NFL a few years ago when he was with Pittsburgh but once he signed with the Jets, he wasn’t the same player. His coach didn’t want him and so he didn’t maximize Bell’s potential.

But you can’t tell me that Coach Belichick wouldn’t want to bring in Bell to pair with a player who’s already on a redemption tour of his own–Cam Newton. Bell would likely be the most talented redemption project Belichick has ever undertaken.

Newton looked like he would be in the MVP race in the first couple of weeks into the season but his year was halted due to his positive COVID test. If they get Newton back and then he has a new toy in the backfield, the Patriots would be a viable contender.

A Belichick-Bell combination? Sign me up.

(Photo: Seth Wenig/AP)

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