Trevor Bauer is the Most Influential Man in Baseball

Throughout the history of baseball there have been many players that have changed the game, they brought eyes to the screen and put asses in seats. Griffey, Ruth, Bonds, Clemente…. those are a few of the names that will forever be part of the story of baseball because without those guys the game isn’t what it is today.

Unfortunately, today the talk continues to be that baseball is a dying sport and thanks to one man in particular that may not be a long term trend. That mans name is Trevor Bauer. It’s actually quite shocking considering Bauer hasn’t always been the Cy Young contender he is today. Bauer has always been a very good pitcher that had the stigma of being too wacky for his own good, but after being the best pitcher in the National League this season, many people (including myself) have realized he’s just a guy who loves baseball and wants to help change it for the better.

It is incredible to watch Bauer build the new way of the game, he’s the most open and genuine player we have ever seen, he sees why the NFL and NBA are so popular and he’s ramping everything up x10.

You can not enter the social media world without seeing his name and that’s no accident. Whether it’s highlights of him strutting off the mound after a big strikeout, him chirping opposing players, or him calling out the COMMISSIONER OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, Bauer finds a way to move the needle.

It’s not only the on field and on twitter where Bauer is pushing the growth of baseball, he’s also doing incredible content with his YouTube channel Momentum. He started Momentum about a year ago and it’s continuously provided fans with incredible content that truly takes you inside the minds of Trevor Bauer and several other MLB players and MLB.

He’s done everything you could think of on there, whether it’s putting together a wiffle ball game full of MLB players after the initial Covid outbreak that shut down spring training or having round table discussions with baseballs biggest names.

This offseason will mark the first time in Bauer’s career that he will be a free agent and he’s already shown how he’s gonna bring us along for the ride. As soon as the Reds season ended he started teasing possible landing spots and even crossing some potential suitors off the list. In a tweet where he thanked the Reds faithful, he also took the time to acknowledge that he didn’t feel the Braves fans made Atlanta a good fit, then the next morning he teased Red Sox fans by tweeting a picture of his plane ticket showing he was headed up north to Boston for unknown reasons.

We’ve seen this before with guys like Lebron in “The Decision”, but that came across as cheesy. With Bauer he’s gonna be honest with the fans because he knows fans aren’t idiots and that we can sniff out BS, he’s gonna give us the full experience, he’ll have YouTube videos and tweets that keep us up to date on what’s going on in his search for a new team. It’s exactly what we need in baseball, we have the best FA on the market giving an all access pass to the negotiating table… if there was ever a way to expand the game to younger generations, this is it.

There is nothing remotely close to this in baseball and that’s very disappointing, because the MLB is trying and they just can’t figure it out. They refuse to accept guys like Bauer because they fear it’s gonna upset or offend the older generations. The truth is they need to say to hell with the older generation this is a new world and we need to adapt, give us all the mic’d up players, the bat flips, the cleat designs, show us who these guys really are on and off the field, and please for the love of god end the blackouts! How can you expect teams to build fanbases when they can’t even watch their home town teams???

It’s time for Rob Manfred and the MLB to accept the fact that Trevor Bauer knows best and follow his lead. Love him or hate him, Bauer is our savior and I am all the way in on him. It’s the dawn of the Bauer Outage.

Photo: (Adam Hagry – Getty Images)

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