The Red Sox 2021 Opening Day World Series Odds are Their Lowest of the 21st Century

As teams across Major League Baseball prepare for opening day, DraftKings has set their latest World Series odds for this season before things kick off on Thursday. The Red Sox sit at 50-1 odds, 11th worst in the league and their worst on opening day as a team in 35+ years, according to Sports Odds History.

The records only date back to 1985, but Boston has never had lower opening day odds over the recorded time frame than their 2021 odds. The Red Sox opened the 2020 season with 40-1 odds and went on to finish with the 3rd worst record in baseball. The only teams who open up the season with worse odds are the Marlins, Giants, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Rockies, Tigers, Royals, Mariners, Rangers and Pirates.

The majority of experts across the country are projecting the Red Sox to finish under .500 this season. Their returning many core pieced from last season’s offense that produced the third highest batting average in baseball and the 12th most home runs. Their pitching staff, however, hasn’t improved significantly enough to give fans much hope. In 2020, they ranked 28th in ERA and dead last in WHIP.

The Red Sox have had many ups and downs over the last decade or so, as the team has been wildly inconsistent on a year-to-year basis, but this is a new low.

Photo: (Elise Amendola – AP Photo)

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