The Celtics Need to Find an Identity and Find It Fast

Image credits: Ralph Freso | Credit: AP | Copyright: Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved

As the Celtics get ready to host the Toronto Raptors one very large question looms – what is the identity of this team?

12-11. That is where the Boston Celtics sit after 23 games. There have been many games where it looks like this team has no idea of what defense is, then they get victories against the Warriors and the Clippers and we are filled with the belief that this team is turning the corner. Then we see what we saw against the Kings, Suns, and Jazz and it leaves us scratching our heads yet again. It just seems like this team doesn’t have an identity offensively or defensively.

We saw this team go 7/46 from three in a game this season. There have been games where opposing teams GET WHATEVER SHOTS THEY WANT AT ANY TIME! We have seen this team held to 75 points against the New York Knicks. I understand that teams will have a bad night or two, but the Celtics have had too many of them. Many of them have been one possession games where… (CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)

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